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    Black ops 2 - official suggestion topic.

      Hello zombie slayers.


      Im playing black ops 2 for quite a while now and im missing the fun of slaying zombies , also the easter egg's are losing their quality and pleasure in finishing it. At an certain way the easter eggs inial suggestion topic. black ops 2 looks a little bit easy and the objectives are not funny like  catching the bottle on call of the death or filling the tubes on moon. The hacker on moon was a really good device with a lot of functions that i still wonder about to day. I really like the buildables they are funny like the trample steam , the only  thing on tranzit is the jet gun their parts is running for ages and the weapon issin't that effectively. Youre adding a lot of persistent perks but some of them have no function or is just useless, i don't want to down myself just because a new persistent perk came out. Iv'e spend a lot of time investigating and listening to other persons what they have to say and the way how they think of it i would highly appreciate it if this topic would be read by an developper or anything that can help me out with some of the dissapointing things.


      The things mentioned below doesin't require an oversized team to take a look at and improving.


      Persistent perks :

      • Juggernog " Kind of an stupid way to get this perk you have to down yourself to be able to take 4 hits withouth perk. Im not very excited about this one if i want to rank up it's not recommended to die lots of times to get an perm juggernog, in a single game i can't repair my kd ratio just because the zombies are double windmilling you and you die at a lot of strange ways ."



      • Instakill  " I don't see an function in this one what does it help to touch zombies and then they will die , if you shoot or knife you get more points and the 20 / 30 bullets you miss fire are not such a big deal. This persistent perk does not help you in any way so i don't get the point of actually releasing this you can ask your community what they think of it. "
      • Freeperk " Another unknown something and how to get it and how you lose it , your perks become free and get your points back spend on perk machines. I don't think this is an good idea just it demolishes the way of playing gear points and buy doors perks and guns. I don't want to depend on free perk machines i just want to play . "



      Maps :

      • Tranzit " This map is the most mindbreaking i have ever played , it takes at least an hour to get your , guns , perks , pack a punch ect. At the time i have all the things im already bored and don't want to play it anymore. The easter eggs are to easy and traveling in the map take's for ages. If i could rate i would rate it an 2/10. "
      • Die rise " I like the point of the skyscraper enviroment , the buildable and wunderweapon are very enjoyable also the guns at walls have a lot of potential. The only thing is that you have to wait for every single elevator. They keys are not on a good spot to reach in a co-up game you have to get every player in the escape pod or have to wait for the trample steam to be built. If the boss rounds could contain a little bit less of them and it becomes harder to get trapped between them i would be a happy player. Sometimes the nova crawlers get stucked and the easter egg is easy."
      • Nuketown " This map is very stable , you don't have to wait on elevators or bus i like the old map design of this one. The only thing is that the garage should be better accessible and the jugger nog should spawn more freqeunt then other perks. A lot of games are ending because the jugger is in such a bad place or doesint show up untill round 22 "



      Pack a punch :

      • Pack a punch " I like the idea of double pack a punching , but i don't want some crappy scope or bullshit on my gun. If you could pack a punch your gun twice and their power or bullets ect would be increasing that would be a big improvement. I don't want attachements ! "


      Perks :

      • Who's who " This perk seems to be for solo purpose only and it's an little bit overpowered in combination with quick revive. In co up is it a little bit buggy for example ( spawns you from buidling ) - ( inpossible in some locations to revive yourself ) - ( become handicapped when being revived by an team mate , you cant use your guns grenades buildables ) I rather seeing this perk gone then getting messed with this kind of problems. "




      Game modes :

      • Turned " A shame that some of the players don't want to play just because it will affect their rankings , the rank is really hard to get so to lose a rank on a game mode is just dumb. Just get rid of the downs you get from playing turned mode. A lot of players are leaving games beacause it won't count ( not sure ) "
      • Grief " The biggest mess grief it's far from being playable , players leave , down themself , connection losts ect. It's not a fun mode it's only jerking your enemys and shooting on them untill they have enough of it and leave. Im not being able to finish one game of grief so this mode can go to the trashcan. "




      Game functions :

      • Pause " Every player needs an pause moment in a while to do some things , i dont like it to walk with the last zombie that can die an spawn at an other player that is going to the toilet or something. You can't play for 3 hours straight withouth having a brake of 20 - 30 minits."
      • Private matches " This has been requested a lot of times , it's not possible to start a game with 2 - 3 players unless you do the second account trick. Not everybody can buy an second controller or has multiple accounts on his console. "
      • Recovery " An option to recover your guns perks and guns after the game or your connection may be terminated. You are basicly screwed if your console freezes , your connection get off for an second, soundbug. The persons where you played with have to end the game because your record is messed up. "
      • Matchmaking " More options to search for an match i have some pretty standard rules like ( no splitscreeners , active mic , country related), else i don't press ready if some of the things are not correct. i don't want to spend every single day 30 minits on finding an match. It´s pretty silly that i have to spend at least an hour to find a good team to play an round with and have an crash / timed out / sound bug / leaver as game .



      Game issues :

      • Matchmaking " This has a lot of problems since die rise came out , it's impossible for me to start an game with 4 players it keeps searching for other players. Also you get trown out of your game if nobody presses ready to look for an skilled player i only get noobcakes or splitscreeners. "
      • Freezing " The game is randomly in die rise locking up your playstation , in tranzit it looks to be gone but now in die rise it happens again is pretty frustrating. I spend a lot of money on a season pass and the game itself so dont make me feel robbed."
      • Sound bug " What i can't understand that this issint gone yet its so dam anoying that you lose entire sound  and hear that awfull helicopter sound , its like giving a blind men some glasses. "
      • Connection problems " It´s very hard to create a game or host a game for some of the players , a lot of timed outs and not being able to create an lobbie. My connection is running at max 100/100 MB and still sometimes i can´t create a lobbie. Also the unable to join session is so anoying."


      Web suggestions :

      • Jive " Jive doesin´t seems to be the best community script , i don´t like it at all you should better get an more stable forum source to expand and improve the forums.
      • Categories " More sub categories like : ( suggestion page , easter egg players needed , strategies ,  ) You can do way better than this it´s now a big mess of everything. Players are talking about MW4 in the zombie section im not intrested in that right.
      • Report function " A special page where players can report their problems, glitches ect. I can´t contact you about an new glitch found or anything, your support site contains only standard questions that i don´t have or can match with something im having problems with. "
      • False advertisements " Can you stop with the fake advertisements like the one about die rise , it´s saying that you can combine buildables or upgradable wunder weaponry. It´s like buying an phone for one special function and after you discover it hassin´t got that function ."
      • Season pass  " Another weird advertisement , you claim your season pass to be 50 $ and to save up to 10 dollars and get nuketown for free. For the players from the europe whe are being forced to pay ( 51.95 ) so whe have to overspend on psn cards have to leave the containing 8 dollar in your PSN wallet. You are not saving anything on an season pass and youre paying for nuketown. And where not even talking about the rates of change. "

      Might i forgotten some things send me a message , im only asking to make this game ( fun ) again that is what i miss in this game. Please , subscribe , like , react how you think about it and i will send this over tweeter to an dev ( zombies ). This are my expertations for the next DLC if nothing get´s improved im not longer an player of BO2.