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    yer kidn right?

      Ran into quite a few boosters last night and reported each one accordingly. But, when viewing the stats on two of them, these .40 k/ders had well over 1700 unstopables. Thats just plain insane. Get on the ball 3arc, there's heads to be had...

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          Came across a few of them today.

          I put on the mic afterwards in the lobby and encourage everyone to report them.

          They'll leave the lobby very fast if you do that so I tell people to look at recent players and still report them.


          Hope these people get banned fast!

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            So when does this "switch" get flipped that treyarch so righteously assures us that happens.


            I used to think that 1700 would have been a number that would only be reached by hacking. Boy, did I have it completely backwards or what!?

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              In all honesty you don't even need tac inserts to boost, but tac's make it 100x easier.

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                  Yep saw a guy with a 10/0 K/D at the end of a match.

                  Which isn't that great but since I don't remeber him killing me I decided to watch theatre. Sure enough he's in a corner and his buddy spent the whole match trying to get to him...

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                  a .40 K/D sucks

                  do you mean a 40.## K/D?


                  because if its 0.40 then he was already punished for boosting

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                    LOL @ boosting stats in a videogame.

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                      I really lol at the people who think k/d matters, my girlfriend hid in a corner on express one game "Camping" cuz she needs bloodthirsty's and goes 6-1. Bottom of the team list, but still 6-1....6.00 K/D she jokingly says, Hey if I do this every game I'll have a K/d of like 3! lol


                      Sad but SOOO TRUE! Oh he's got a .73 k/d he sucks, no. He just doesn't hide away and wait for someone to run thru. I got a low k/d but a decent SPM, some say KD doesnt matter others say SPM doesn't matter some say W/L matters, but with the find a match that throws u into a game where its 70-19, u get that loss or win, hows the fair? Only stat that should matter, is Kills, I've seen people prestige like 10 with barely 15k kills. Cuz they camp their asses off and use the UAV for bonus. But hey, they play the way they want. lol

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                        My KD is sooooo bad. But when I do die... bet your @$$ your name will be called out and where u are.  To me that is way more valuable than what your stats are.  Some how and some way my friend, you will die. Whether by me or a teammate.