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    Game-play Vs. Gun-play

      I'm pretty sure there have been post like this in the past but I've only found one and it wasnt very helpful. Anyway I'm going to take about the difference between game-play and gun-play and how I think they should be able to be seperated slightly more than they already are. Since I'm more into gun-play, when I first bought this game I thought I would be able to use 2 or 3 guns, (i,e; Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol...) with no perks. Or if that wasn't possible I at least thought it would be possible to put as many attachments on a gun that would fit together taking the places of perks.



           Game-play is when a player uses and, or relies on thier perks more than a weapon in the sence that they have 4 or more perks and one gun with 1 or 2 attachments. The basic idea behind Game-play is that perks equal power, So more perks means more power. True Game-play, and by this I just mean ussing 6 perks, no weapons besides a knife, and having tacticals and lethals to back the player up till they kill an opponent to pick up their weapon if they choose to do so. This way the player can hopefully maximize their effectiveness in the game. In a way this is true in my opinion because having more perks allows the player to have more abililtes that have the possibility of changing the tide of battle if used correctly.



           Gun-play is when a player uses all the weapons they can with all the attachments they have access to allowed at a time. If possible in true Gun-play with only 2 weapons allowed, the player can choose a list of attachments for each weapon and customize to their liking. For the most part I believe Gun-play tends to be used more by amatuer players new to a game, and by people that would rather use raw firepower to achieve their goals rather than having abilities to complete their goals when compared to Game-play.


      Contrast between the 2:

           Both have their stong points and thier weak points but there is a middle ground. Since I started playing Black ops 2 I've only come across a handfull of people that have been on the extreme ends of either playing style that I can remember, besides the players that prefer the extremes, everyone else has a mix of the two. Pairing certain attachments with certain perks can increase a players effectiveness compared to ussing them on there own.



           There is always room for improvement. I have a few ideas that could possibly improve both play styles. To improve Game-play, make the wild cards hold an extra perk as well as after the original perk, This would let people use more than just 2 of one perk slot. Or add perk proficiencies that give a slight boost to the original perk after the player earns it by demonstrating how well they can use said perk.

      To improve Gun-play, change the wild card so that the player can have 3 attachments and replace any perk with an extra attachment that is compatible with the existing attachments. I believe the trade off of a perk for an attachments balances out this act. Or have attachments proficiencies, or multiple levels of an attachment up to a certain point. (i,e: extended mag, lvl 1 +30%, lvl 2 +40%, Max lvl +50%)


      Thank you for your time and I appreciate all positive feedback.

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          Re: Game-play Vs. Gun-play

          they took out pro perks with a reason

          and now you propose they put it back in basicly ?


          not that i would mind some perks being a tad more usefull as they're now, but just saying

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              Re: Game-play Vs. Gun-play

              It wouldn't exactly work like how pro perks worked in past games. The proficiencies only change the intensity of the percentage of the perk of choice. For example, lvl 1 of the perk could be at 85% effectiveness compared to how it is now. Lvl 2 could be 100%, and Max lvl could be 115%.

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                  Re: Game-play Vs. Gun-play

                  and how would that work with some perks ?

                  not like all perks can be used like that


                  hardwired, engineer, fast hands


                  and basicly still would be normal/pro perk then, no matter what kind of spin you give it

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                      Re: Game-play Vs. Gun-play

                      Because of the scarestreak system in Black Ops 2 Hardwired would work by changing the amount of points need to earn the streaks. Engineers range needed to see equipment would change depending on the lvl of the proficiency. Fast hands would change weapon swap speed. Every perk has at least one part of it that could be effected by my proficiency idea. Some perks might work like pro perks but no perks would gain an extra ability. Only the effectiveness would increase and only by a little bit, enough to make a difference but to make anything "overpowered".

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