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    this has become a complaining forum... I don't even log in anymore because of all the crying babies...

      Seriously... "why does xbox get maps before the ps3?"... if we need to explain this then quit playing video games.  This is the way the world works. The company that makes our video games makes deals with microsoft to release to them first so they make more money so they can stay in business and keep making video games that we love to play.  If they didn't do this they would be out of business.  Ever here of ACCLAIM?  So you don't like the wonder weapon, this new map sucks, I don't like the easter egg, the ranking system is jacked... They have customer service and you can write in letters to the company.  This is a FORUM for fans!  To talk about the things we love about the game.  Just don't play it!  Don't buy it! Post a video on youtube!  I like to solve the easter eggs, and I'm still looking for clues on my own.  I dont even know how to do the new easter egg yet, and I'm having a blast figuring it out.  Maybe if you didn't look up how to do the easter egg before it was released on the ps3 you would have somthing to do other then whine and cry about everything you would have done to make the game better.  So why is it you didn't go to school and get a degree in computer programming and make a better one yet?  Enoughs enough.  Take your complaints to somewhere else already,  Can we talk about all the cool stuff in the game already?