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        70. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

        You've made plenty of derogatory comments towards me.  Many times on threads you follow me around and start drama when I am replying to another party's coments.  You got your buttbuddys on these forums suking your dik.  But in the end, they are nobody's in the cod community just like you.  If any of you were really good, I would know you.  And you would have a channel with your gameplay.  The fact is, I only care about the respect and opinions of the elite players and you're not one of them. 


        As far as your 99 and 106 go, I'm going to tell you what you told me.  Prove it.  It seems like you are a dedicated player.  Anyone who will take the time to get 99+ on 2 maps and regularly posts to cod forums is.  I imagine you have screenshots or videos of your gameplay.  Please share.  If you can prove it, I will acknowlege your accomplishments.  I hope you can understand why I am skeptical.  I mean your buttbuddy on here swore he hit 37 on bus depot and when I asked him for proof he insisted it was a custom game.  He knows he is lying and is now hiding under a rock, where he should be. 


        To me, you're just a mid round player with mediocre abilities.  Nothing special.  Expendable.  You talk and talk about what you did but never show me anything.  As far as being arrogant, well that would be my exactly complaint about you.  And I would rather play with someone who has only gotten to the teen rounds on zombies who is moldable then play with you.  You're a fugazy. 


        Get off my dik...

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          71. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

          This was definitely a entertaining read...lol

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            72. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

            before u try calling someone out do a lil more searching first.... my boy dbz isnt on your dik first off your just jealous so your getting defensive and hes good probably better than you will ever be so get over yourself and if your talking about yda or lord grr on 37 bus depot they did i just checked to make sure and ill take a pic of it and upload it later so you can get off there diks ... and no dbz isnt a mid round player hes a pro in my eyes hes an awsome team player who would die to save you and he isnt arrogant either and i hope u never do play with him cuz if you did you would feel like a effin morone becuz he would tear your azz up on some Zs but like i said ill post a pic of there leaderbord for bus depot for you then you shut your mouth and stop complaining like a lil biotch .... if anyone is on anyone its you so step off

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              73. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

              You had more than 20 downs in one game..........


              Nuff said mr elite

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                74. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                You do realize the proof you showed basically showed you getting carried by a better player. You can use every excuse you want about running the harder spot, but you still went down what looks like 51 times, got revived 24 times, and had a third of the other player kills and a lot less points.

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                  75. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                  He called me out and said I have no proof for my games so I think it's only fair I do the same in return.  He says he got 99 on Der Reise on WaW and 106 on Ascension.  Show me some proof. 


                  And as far as the 37 on bus depot goes, it was another person on this thread who said I have no proof for anything I claim.  I showed him proof.  Then, I asked him for proof of his 37 and he says he did it in a custom game.  Next time read the thread fangirl.  LOL.


                  Let me know when you fools come on ps3.  We'll play some grief.  Until then stfu about your rounds especially if you can't even take a screenshot to prove anything. 

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                    76. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                    Is there a way we can remove this thread. Look guys, well all already know that Killevree1 is a [Removed by moderator], so why can't we just all agree and go onto more important things?

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                      77. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                      Funny, because, apart from your trolling of this forum, I have not heard of you, Mr Elite.


                      No, I don't have pictures or videos of my accomplishments, because I play the game to have fun, not to be a part of some elite fan club. You have my GT... you can check my leaderboards over the course of the 3 games for verification of my abilities.


                      If you or so pro, why you so into glitches?  What is your high round on Bus Depot solo? Can you play when you ain't got someone carrying your a** and ego?

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                        78. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                        i gotta ps3 biotch ill meet u there

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