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    Need a clan

      Had a rocky start so my k/d ratio is a bit low, improving by the day

      Very good zombies player

      Best game mode domination


      Want to be in a team not with a bunch of players just running around

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          Re: Need a clan

          If your looking for a small PS3 gaming community to join, then please check out Renegade Elite.


          Renegade Elite is a Playstation 3 community formed in October 2012 and we currently support Black Ops 2 and FIFA 13.


          Renegade Elite on Black Ops 2

          - We are currently number 35th in the World for our Clan Level on the PS3 Heavy Weight Clans list.

          - We have earned Gold in every Clan Challenge and Operation we have participated in.

          - We host our own tournaments for clan members only, on Zombies and Multiplayer.

          - We play as a team.


          What else do we offer?

          - An extensive friendly forum for all our members to use to communicate

          - A Facebook and Twitter page for quick updates on Clan news and to help members of the clan and the general public with query's regarding our community.

          - A Youtube page to show off our gaming skills.


          Requirements to join

          - You must have a working mic

          - You must meet our minimum age requirement

          - You must be mature and respectful to all clan members

          - You need to remain active on our forums and PS3 (using both at least once every two weeks, unless on vacation/holiday etc )


          How to join Renegade Elite

          Register an account at http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org

          Once you've made an account post an application and await for a reply to see if you are accepted (Please allow 24 hours for a reply) .


          Thank you for taking your time to read this

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            Re: Need a clan

            we would love for you to help us with the weekly zombie challenges.


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              Re: Need a clan

              Hi Orton!


              Here's some info about our gaming community. Click on the logo to apply.


              See you there!!




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                Re: Need a clan

                Dying br33d is a newer clan and are interested in all sorts of team based players. we have our own website and are looking for recrutes to help us grow. any questions let me know psn is D9509.

                website is imadei1.wix/dyingbr33d

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                  Re: Need a clan


                  LEVEL 26 ON ELITE! GOLD TAGS!

                  Vendetta Gaming is a mature, friendly Call of Duty clan on Xbox 360. If you're over 18 andlooking for people to play with in a great competitive community, then head on over to our website, register, and fill in a recruitment application form to start your journey with Vendetta! You will join as a recruit and undergo a one week trial so we can get to know you a bit, after which you'll be promoted (or not, as the case may be!) and invited to our ELITE clan.

                  We play Black Ops II almost exclusively, although very occasionally we might go on MW3. At Vendetta we try and make everybody feel welcome and at home, and every member is approachable and friendly. We're not just a clan, we're a community too.

                  Age limit: 18+ (may make some exceptions - we are looking for mature players).

                  Location(s): Most of our members are from the UK and US, although we do have some others from other places in Europe and in Australia too. You can join no matter where you're from!

                  Requirements: None apart from having a mature attitude and playing fair! Whether you're a boy or girl, no matter what your skill, as long as you can contribute and stay loyal to thegroup, you can apply! That's the great thing about us.

                  Competitive gaming?: We have gamebattle teams, both US and EU.

                  Game Modes: We play a bit of everything;Domination is our specialty and Core and Hardcore TDM, Headquarters, and KC are our main game modes. We also playDemolition, SnD, and other types. We have a pro league team set up, and of course we like to play some zombies from time to time as well.

                  ELITE clan?: Yes, and we participate in clan challenges and clan ops whenever they are available.

                  How many members?: We currently have just over 60 members, and we're still growing.

                  Other branches off of Vendetta? We have a Youtube account, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account too.

                  Join the army now - www.vendettagamingclan.com.

                  Any questions, just reply to the discussion and I'll get back to you. Thanks for your time!

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                    Re: Need a clan

                    if you are interested in joining a clan I have one.


                    Me and my friends recently started up a clan for mw3 and black ops 2. It is called eXpertGamers there is 3 people in their and soon i hope to be alot more. if you are interested in joining you can add my gamertag which is eX TriicKs or go to the link and apply.

                    Link is https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3626503

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