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        60. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

        In the eyes of a bunch of noobs who will never be at the top of any leaderboard

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          61. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

          O...K... then...


          Have fun?


          I am at a total loss for words right now and I have no idea how to respond to that mate.

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            62. Re: Rankings seriously broken.



            so what you are telling me is you have no proof you even got to r37 with 2p?


            you are such a dik for calling other people out and asking them to prove everything and you can't even anything you did yourself. 


            fuking liar, you never got 37.

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              63. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

              getting carried?  no.  i did my part and did it well.  i had 19 downs to 50 in that game and 24 to 53.  when you compare my downs to players who did the SAME job you would see i did well.  it's common for players to have 30+ downs doing what i did.  you don't know what you're talking about or know how to judge a player properly.


              and whether you hate me or love me i'm happy either way.  you can say anything you want about me but don't lie.  don't go making up stories that i had 50 downs when it was less then half that. 


              on top of it all, you sit here and dump on me when none of you can even show me what you're best game of bus depot looks like.  sorry sir, but that is cowardly. 

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                64. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                this isd weird. I was playing on town, had to do something on round 1, didnt get backj until end of match, nothing bought when i came back it was round 30 and game over and guess wat? I ranked up to skull with knife and NO KILLS THAT MATCH AND 40+ DOWNS. Next  match i played i got de ranked

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                  65. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                  I never said anything about that video you posted. Nothing about your downs or revives. I could not care less about them.


                  You may be good at zombies... great even, but do not doubt other peoples abilities either, or think of them any less talented than you.


                  I can hold my own. Got to 99 on WaW, Der Riese. Highest since was 106 on Ascension. Maybe not as good as some people, but I gave up on 106. If anyone can get to 50 on any map without glitching or cheating in any kind of way, then they are good enough.


                  You think a good score on a tough map makes you the sh*t, but have you got respectable scores on every map ever released? I have, and that is good enough for me.


                  My level of ability is evident for people to see. I can have a sh*t game just as often as a good game, but I am not obsessive over my rank, so I don't care if the going gets tough.


                  You come across as an arrogant a**hole, and you are getting what you gave. I don't like you because you INTENTIONALLY posted glitch videos, even though you know it is against the forums rules, and would piss people off, purposefully trolling, if you will to get a rise out of people.

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                    66. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                    I bet you still live with mommy don't you kid? I don't believe you story or your stats. What you claim is not to have a life and have no accomplishments outside of video games. So, I'm happy for you that you can do so well at zombies, be proud of it, because at the end of the day no one cares and your little smack talk dosnt bother anyone. You waste space and people's time. I hope your parents make enuf to support your lazy ass. Maybe you should put that on your résumé and see how far your accomplishment gets you. Your a loser kid and I would bet money everyone here is better than you at zombies. You don't even have enough value to you to dump on.

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                      67. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                      A little uncalled for, but funny nonetheless. 10/10.


                      Killevree1, who freaking cares what your rank is. Play the game for fun, it's what it's meant for. From what I see, the ranking system seems to have more corrupted the Zombies community if anything, and everyone just quits, kill whores, doesn't revive, etc. just to try to raise their rank. It's awful, and the ranking system is flawed, yeah, we don't know all too much about it. Have you ever read the K/D theory on it, to where your K/D (Kills to Downs.) reflects your rank? Something like 160 - 200+ K/D is where the Shotgun rank lies in that theory, with the Knife being around 70 - 100 K/D. Once again, it's just a theory.


                      Play for fun, stop whining.

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                        68. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                        FYI - I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18.  Last time I checked, this was a cod forum so I don't think my outside accomplishments would be relevant here.  You can speculate all you want about my background but it's just that - speculation.  The fact of the matter is you don't know me and I don't know you.  And I don't want to know you or hear your collegiate or professional accomplishments.  Why?  Because it's a cod forum. 

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                          69. Re: Rankings seriously broken.

                          would u guys give it up already we all know the system is screwed who the hell cares if its screwed what makes u think continuously talking about it will make it better???? and telling people they still live with there parents really get real your pathetic to think anyone actually cares where someone lives .... so sick of these fourms really i dont know y i keep looking at them i guess cuz i get a good laugh out of the idots on here smh you all say cod zombies sucks now ever think its not the game but the players ???? hmmmm?

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