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    Hey ragers, listen here



      I have here a video of me running the PDW-57 recorded in game today and simply uploaded to the CoD Black Ops 2 Youtube account so that what you see is what you get. Notice how the PDW-57 doesn't suck even with the nerf. The first clip I just wanted to show it still excels even at long ranges and the second is a Mega Kill to prove that it still works fine.


      Note that this video is Hardcore Kill Confirmed as it is the only game mode I play. I don't care for Core so I don't care for how well the PDW-57 handles on Core game modes. Also note the lack of lag. I was not host because I have low quality Mediacom cable internet that keeps me normally at 4 bars on a good day and lag isn't even noticable when I have 3 bars. Everyone who whines about constant lag needs to upgrade. I live in northern Minnesota for anyone who is thinking I must live in big cities or near areas that regularly get host.


      Point and case, take a serious look at the way you play and your internet service provider before coming to the forums to rage about how awful Black Ops 2 and Treyarch are.

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