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    Still more Work to be done.

      Treyarch did a awesome job with the PDW & MSMC, You should NOT BE ABLE to shoot a SMG like its a assult rifle or snipe with it FULL AUTO (PDW) or hip fire at long ranges & outgun ppl (MSMC). For ppl comparing and saying MW3 had the MP7, they forget the MP7 was unlocked AT LEVEL 74!!! You get a beast weapon but the tradeoff is it takes a LONG time to get it. The PDW gets unlocked at level 4!!!! Thanks also for fixing that stupid cold blooded/target finder problem, Kids will be aiming right at me & DON'T shoot now cause I don't light up (idiots).


      Just afew suggestions for other problems. And for ppl who say dashboarding needs to be addressed ain't gonna happen, Vohn already said so.


      1. Tweak spawns - I kill someone & they spawn 2 feet right in front of me where they died!!! Totally unreal & not fair.

      2. Fix C4 glitch - Anyone who uses C4 knows what I'm talking about, total crap.

      3. No description of enemy Care Package - I'll capture a enemy care package & it shows no description of what it is or if I reroll I still can't see it.

      4. PUNISH Boosters - There are so many its ridiculous.  Found my boy doing this and removed ASAP, seen his last 5 games Kd were WAY too high.