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    Die Rise Maxis side HELP

      We are completely stuck and we need one more player for this thing!!  Add me :   tybolive  


      Ok we activated the elevators

      Did trial and error

      Shot the balls ( did not pick them up )

      Went to the Buddha room killed zombies (maxis then said "yes yes keep going"  then after killing lots he said " reincarnation is the way forward or some ****)

      We had upgraded ballistics 

      Now what ?

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          after u PaP the bknife go to the buddah room you can shoot the floor or the buddah it dont matter as long as its in that room then go to the main spawn pick up the balls use the tramplesteam then find the order of tiles and punch the tower with the gav knuckles and are you on xbox or ps3?

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              Wrong!!! We made it past the Buddha room part and we did revive someone..  We just got stuck at the trample steam part. We couldn't put the balls down on them

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                    lol for somebody looking for help from other players, you sure are very (what seem to me) arrogant. WRONG!!!! lol zomboss aint wrong about here information. already done this too many times to count. after shooting pack a punch ballistic knife in buddha room you have to grab the eggs or balls, then place the two sets of trample steams in their respective spots. once you have placed the two complimentary trample steams in their spots, then you should not be able to pick them back up, thats how you know your doing it right. afterwards just place the balls and should fling. then galvaknuckle spire

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                        Well I don't kno what if Xbox or PC is different then ps3. Cause we just finished a game, we tried shooting PaP ballistics in the Buddha room, on the Buddha heads, middle of the room, reviving Russman, and the two others. Nothing worked. Until we found out the colours of the players matter. There are four colours that represent the players, a certain colour had to get the ballistics and revive a certain colour. That was how we went on to the next step.