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    Riot shield

      Im not great player and got to master prestige with little effort from playing couple hours every night, so with not much to do i not played as much so i thought i try the Riot Shield out bring some fun back but i often find i get teamed killed alot, they shoot me and stab me.


      Is the riot shield hated ? or glich were they dnt see im on there team?.


      Happens in half games i played since using it, im not letting team down using it and often still end up in top 3

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          not sure about getting teamkilled because of it, you do however have to alter how you play to more of a corner camping shock charge baiting dead silence sprinting back smashing beast

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              I know quite a few people who team kill just because someone is using the shield, then again these people also team kill to take care packages. I personally HATE the shield, but mainly when people set it up as a camping tool and hide behind it. 90% of the time people who use RS go negative, unless you camp your ass off, shock charge for sure

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              I leveled my riot shield while playing hardcore, and I never had a problem with team kills (or at least I didn't notice a problem).  Smart teammates should know to follow the shield guy, and use him a distraction to get easy kills (and easy assist points for the shielder).