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        20. Re: What camos have you bought?

        Told myself i was not wasting anymore money on this game, however i just had to get the  Party Rock & Viper camo,  , wont bother with the slots, already have ten now, which is enough for me, a couple new weapons might have been a nice touch,

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          21. Re: What camos have you bought?

          i think he means that since these are most likely on the disc(which i doubt heard it from people on the forums if they were on the disc they were in the files and we would have seen em way before release as PC can hack anything these days)

          im a season pass holder and it would mean that ontop of my 60 euro game i stil payed 45 euro for the season pass(bought the microsoft points at a discounted price:P) meaning 105 euro already and then to top it off i would have to buy like what 8-9 packs for around 2 euro? and then the calling cards which is a total ripoff if you ask me(most of these flags were in MW2 and MW3 for free)

          and wel the camo's dont seem worth it they dont look nice the reticles are more obstructive then anything else.

          and i only bought the extra CAC slots just because i need em since im camo grinding weapon leveling and casual playing so i can easely switch between em.

          but i stil find it a ripoff since i already payed 105 euro for the game intotal (107 with the extra CAC)

          atleast elite premium was the same price as we got every DLC of any kind for free in the future.


          hopefully treyarch comes up with a solution to improve the game with these micro transactions instead of filling their pockets and laugh at us for being stupid

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            22. Re: What camos have you bought?

            DemonHunter777 wrote:


            I had 140 xtra points just laying around so I bought The Israel pack of course.



            so did I once I worked out where they had put us. Im so used to us being in european things I almost bought that one till i checked.

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              23. Re: What camos have you bought?

              I decided if there was an awesome purple skin I would buy it. And I did (party rock). It looks AMAZING. Also amused myself and friends when I got friend requests from a few little kids asking where I got it. I told them they only give it out to girls. I bought 400 points and may buy the graffiti skin but I kinda want to buy some borderlands 2 skins as well so 5 bucks well spent.

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                24. Re: What camos have you bought?

                Id agree they should be free, since they charge for DLc maps and i guess new guns, they could actually  give to the community


                thast why i dont buy anything

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                  25. Re: What camos have you bought?

                  I can see console games taking a page from the facebook or android book. Its all about people wanting to feel like they have something different or something new. I think this will catch on and we will see the next gen all about personalizing and making money doing it.


                  I don't see anything wrong with charging from it but we all like free of course. To me its like a movie sequel, its not as good as the first but sometimes its better then nothing.


                  Now when elite first started it wasn't free and as you saw with nuketown 2025 that wasn't free either.

                  I can see it in the future that they fill the dlc content with more goodies to atract more pre sales versus nickle and diming us on these micro dlc packs. But they won't know what makes more money until they try it and believe me thats what its all about is the money.

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                    26. Re: What camos have you bought?

                    To motivate people to keep playing the game. Not put them off playing it like they are....

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                      27. Re: What camos have you bought?

                      I have bought Graffiti, Benjamins, Dia De Muertos, And Bacon, with the Extra class slots. I am happy with these and it's a lot of fun to mix up the new camos as well as with the extra custom slots.

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                        28. Re: What camos have you bought?

                        And Asia pacific plates - Aussie patriot.

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                          29. Re: What camos have you bought?

                          I bought,grafiti,the purple leaopard looking one(for my wife), the day of the dead skulls, and of course bacon lol. I also purchased the extra slots.


                          Also for any one who didnt know these purchases work on all accounts of the xbox it was downloaded to.

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