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    Weapons  in Need of Nerf, and Buff.

      Alright so I'll be posting about some weapons that I think need some Buffing and Some Nerfing.


      First off let me start with Nerfing.



      -B93R-Now in my Opinion this gun is pretty Balanced, but Can defintly out Class any weapon at Short to Medium Range. It usually does a 1-3 Burst kill at these Ranges. I myself think it needs more Recoil, and Alittle less Damage at these Ranges. It's not firing a 5.56 round but a 9mm round. Berreta, 9mm, 3 rounds.


      -MSMC-This Gun is almost balanced due to it's low Magazine. But honestly I don't think it's that Balanced. It kills within 4-6 bullets, and has little to no recoil. Now I'm not saying this Gun is OP, but I think it needs More recoil.


      -PDW-Now I know alot of people think this Gun isn't OP and some people think this gun is OP, but I'm here to tell you, it can be both at times. It's 50 round Magazine Makes it a Sprayer, and since it kills in 6-10 bullets it can be Overpowerd. Aswell as it's Recoil. I think this Gun needs more Recoil. Overall this Gun is pretty Balanced.


      -MTAR-I myself have never seen this posted as Overpowered, But alot of times it can be. While using the PDW or Shotgun, this AR usally out guns me in CQC and LRC, it does a 6-10 Bullet kill, and at long ranges with it's low Recoil does a 3 bullet kill. I think this Gun needs alot more Recoil.


      -870-All and All this Gun is pretty Balanced, but while using other Shotguns This one has always won in CQC. While using the KSG, The 870 can destroy me at the same range, unless the KSG has long barrel. This Gun fires Buckshot and is Very Deadly at medium Range(For shotguns). I think this Gun needs more spread while aim down Sights. It fires like a Slug round while ADS. Needs way more Spread.


      -SVU-AS-This Gun In my opinion is by Far the least used Sniper. But when it comes down to it, this gun has No shot delay time, and you can spray with it. This gun has very little Recoil either, which makes it good for spraying victims at long range. I think this gun either needs More Recoil, or a Shot delay.


      -DSR 50-This Gun is Crazy, litterly. This Gun always is a OHK. I've noticed while getting merched by this badboy, that Silencer has no effect on it. This gun while using Silencer needs to be a 2 hit kill. Also, this gun is by Far the fastest gun to ADS. This gun needs a slower ADS time.


      -All LMGs- These Guns are very deadly. The Recoil on these are just pathetic. It's sad that all Guns, including pistols have alot more Recoil then these things. Not to mention the LMGs are almost if not always an instant kill. If I was to call any gun in this game "OP" this class would top it. The little Recoil, and High Damage, make these an unstopable killing Machine. I think these Guns need alot more Recoil, or Less damage.


      Now onto Buffing.




      -Scar-H-This gun is by Far the least used. The Recoil is just terrible, then lets not mention the Damage. It's sad that all other guns have extremly low recoil then this gun has. No matter what you do to this gun, it always has terrible recoil. I tried putting Stock, Grip, and Silencer on it, and it still jumped around like a frog on steriods. This gun in my opinion needs alot, and I mean alot less Recoil. The Attachments for this Gun do nothing to it. Alot less Recoil is needed to use this gun.


      -Ballista-This Gun is usally a 1 hit kill when using the Reqular sights. But when using Iron sights this gun becomes almost immpossible to use. The constant No bullet registration, the 2 hit kills to chest, and the sway. This gun in my opinion needs a Damage Buff, and needs to be looked into about the Bullet registration.


      -SVU-AS-This gun I mentioned in the Nerfing, but Honestly this gun needs a Huge Damage Buff. I think it should be just like the past "Dragunov" Sometimes a 1 hitter but never more then 2 bullets needed. I mean how are you supposed to get the "1 shot, 1 kill" assignment for this thing?


      -TAC-45-By far one of my most Favorite guns. This Gun shots .45 Cal rounds, but does little damage even at close range. Most guns, even the Five Seven outclass this gun at almost every range. The recoil on this Needs to be Nerfed and the Damage needs a Buff.


      -Executioner-I use this Gun with my Sniper class and I have to say, I'm really disapointed. This gun Fires 28 Gauge Buckshot rounds, but does little damage. The range of this gun is terrible, aswell as the Damage. Even when Putting on long barrel this gun blows at Close and medium Range(For pistols). This gun in my opinion is worthless and needs a Mega Damage Buff, and Range buff.


      -CrossBow-This Weapon is just usless to have. Even when using tri-bolt you have to hit the Target to kill the Target. 6 Bolt shots to the ground right next to the person will only kill them, as this weapon only does 10-15 damage if target is not struck. Needs a major Kill/Damage Radiuos buff.


      Well that's all I have to say about the Buffing and Nerfing. I hope this proves all guns in this Game do need fixing and all guns are pretty Balanced.