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    WOW! No suprise...

      So I was in a public match when i saw a hacker and I reported of course. What really made me mad, is that he was a 12th perstige and he was showing everybody some other perstiges and he was saying that there going to be the new perstiges. Does anybody else get mad over this?

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          who cares? about a prestige if that gets u mad u need to get back to reality lol its just a game prestige doesnt even matter in this. the cod franchise is dying treyarch are killing it its no longer enjoyable how it used 2 be so dont know why your getting all mad over some "alleged hacker" doesnt affect real life lol

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              as prestiging offers no reward worth prestiging besides CaC

              and i'm allready forced to get to master prestige to unlock everything

              yh i wouldn't be amazed if people get annoyed if they add more stiges, i know i will be with this crap system they implemented, forcing people to stige past a stige they normally would if they wanna be able to enjoy it all


              if all  you guys who fly through stiges playing 6 hours a day get bored, reset, that's why the option is there
              not to have extra stiges rammed down our throats which we might need to do to get prestige master afterwards

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                Are you another person who thinks it's ok for people to prestige glitch "because it's just a game".

                Being master prestige does give an advantage as many have pointed out because it's the only way to get everything unlocked.

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                I call bullshit proof or didnt happen. i game everyday and iv never seen past master prestige

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                  But if you aren't surprised, why would you get mad?