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        30. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

        NT is meant for chaos.  I like that about it.  It's all about going nuts and not worrying bout nothing.


        I thought spawns in this game where on fellow teammates and not specific places.  It sure seems if you go to a spot in the map with very few people around quickly you'll get teammates spawing on you.


        What I don't like about the maps in BO2 is the lack of variety.  Where's the night map?  No I mean a truely night map where there are dark places, not lights illuminating everything.  Where's the open field map?  Why can't they allow for more cool spots to get to.  Allow us up in the tower on the carrier map.  Allow us up on the roofs in yemen or the top level of hijacked (the boat one).  I loved the tower that you could climb up on and the gondolla you could get into in the snow map in BO1.  Maybe I haven't found it yet but there doesn't seem to be much of those neat areas you can get to on maps in BO2

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          31. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

          RAMBONER wrote:


          So I have a question to everyone who posted in this thread about "to much of a good thing" or not caring for the small maps or the fact that all of the maps are "small"


          Why is it that very few people like Turbine and most people hate it?  Realatively speaking it is a huge map even for bops1 standards and it is easily as large as Aaray (very popular bops1 map) with even longer site lines. 


          Drone is definately not small  even though most of the action does take place in a small area, the map itself isnt small.  Maps on bops 1 like Jungle were decent sized but all of the action was in the valley and the "action part" of the map was really narrow.  Not much different then a map like Drone. (I hate drone btw LOL). 


          Stand off and Slums seem close to the size of Summit (Probably the second most voted map on bops1) Where the action all meets in the middle and Stand off even has elevation around the middle similar to Summit.  Stand off and Slums actually seem larger then summit due to more paths of travel.  Firing Range was small and won the vote almost everytime. 


          I dont love most of these maps due to the flow of them.  Something that I cannot even explain but it seems like the whole "size" argument doesnt fit with the problems they have.  I think the sizes are similar to where bops1 was.  Hell the AK74u was a very dominant weapon in bops1 on every single map and I used other subs quite a bit.  The reason subs werent as dominant over all was because of the Famas, Aug, Galil which were actually probably to good in cqc situations making smg's take the back seat..


          I am not intentionally defending the devs as there is something "off" about most of these maps I just dont think "size" is the factor.  If you really think about it top to bottom the maps in BOps 2 are very similar "size wise" to bops 1 and top to bottom they may be bigger.  The problem is the larger maps rarely get played due to most people voting for the smaller ones.


          I'll address your post in order.


          Turbine and Drone - Why do people hate it?


          Simple answer is, the map offers nothing, the entire map doesn't get used even in ground war sized games. You have about 4 small areas of the map that gets used.


          The sight lines aren't any better. I mean honestly, you have to stand in an obvious place in order to kill someone leaving yourself to get exposed by snipers. So I think this is why its hated.


          Drone offers nothing other than one end camping and head glitching sports with again the same sightlines that will get you killed if you try and use them.


          Standoff is one of the maps I will admit I don't mind playing on, but honestly they don't flow like summit and and firing range and the spawns are god awful, I kill a guy and he spawns a little away from where I killed him, its bs.




          You then hit the nail on the head size, again I am talking about the flow, many do seem big and are big enough like black ops 1 maps but they don't play like it, you have many headglitch spots and the spawns are bad and you feel like you're running around like a rat. Its just not fun.


          Overall you said it, the maps don't flow due to the spawns and SMG dominance.

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            32. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

            well some people don't like cahos mode, mainly because as per usual hardcore community don't get a chaos mode.

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              33. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory



              I had this feeling when I was watching the whole "cod casting" thing Vahan was doing before the release. It gave me the feeling that this game was going to be CCQ

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                34. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

                I agree, I love small maps, but I don't like the flow and I think the flow has a lot to do with the spawns. The spawns are crazy and F-ed up therefore it doesn't flow very well.

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                  35. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory



                  NT was for chaos, We will always have a chaos map, look a dome and dome from MW3 and WAW and rust from MW2


                  Crazy maps



                  We need them.


                  However there is no diversity or change at all. Every map is chaos due to the spawns.

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                    36. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

                    Anymore thoughts or comments?

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                      37. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

                      What game mode do you play?


                      I ask because I played 99% domination until just recently and it is funny I switched to mostly KC and the pace of the game slowed way down.  My buddy loves dom and after playing so much KC I almost cant play dom anymore.  It just seems to chaotic with way to much luck thrown into the mix since most of the action is in a small area.

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                        38. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

                        They did make a similar layout. Meltdown's is near identical.

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                          39. Re: Why Maps are so Small in BO2- The Nuketown theory

                          I play HC TDM and KC,


                          The spawns are still terrible and often work against you by flipping the spawns on your location.


                          I actually played a game of Dom on Hijacked and we kept getting spawn trapped.


                          Overall what would solve this is bigger maps.

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