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    You Might Stink at Black Ops 2 if...

      • You refuse to use sniper rifles or shotguns because the target finder attachment isn't available for them.
      • Your most-earned medal is the "Comeback" award.
      • You see a dog on the battlefield and automatically start shooting at it.
      • You've killed more cars than enemies in a game.
      • Your deadliest weapon is the bouncing betty.
      • You have more than two days played but the only emblems available to you are ranks, gear, and letters.
      • You have never run out of ammunition during a match.
      • You've appeared in dozens of montages, but you don't make montages.
      • You call a family member into the room to show them that you just earned a UAV.
      • You continuously have to scroll down to see your name on the lobby leaderboard.
      • You've ever had a blood alcohol concentration that was higher than your k/d.
      • Your SPM is lower than the average I.Q.
      • The majority of your scorestreaks have come from care packages that you didn't call in.
      • You had to boost in order to complete the RC car kills challenge.
      • The most-used button on your controller is "sprint".
      • You're still not sure what various places on a map look like.
      • You've earned more unlocks than UAVs.
      • You routinely go through an entire magazine without getting a kill.  While using an LMG.
      • You think the VSAT is something you have to take to get into college.
      • You're utterly convinced that anyone who goes positive in a match must have been cheating.
      • You are often accused of helping someone boost, but have no idea what "boosting" is.
      • Your average distance traveled in a match wouldn't get you to the kitchen in your own house.
      • You get worried that you're going to run out of lives in a match.
      • Your typical k/d in a game could also be someone's height.
      • Your finger automatically moves to the respawn button every time you fire your weapon.
      • Your night of gaming has ever ended with your neighbors calling the cops to report domestic abuse.
      • None of these seemed at all amusing to you.
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