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    about the ranking system (not and explanation)

      you all keep posting saying u know how it works u gotta have 30 k then its 50 k kills and less downs kd or 180  and bla bla bla its been posted by lots of people saying the same crap obviously ur wrong or tons of people would be ranking up by now ... ... i am both system user on ps3 i got my shottys at 14000 and some odd kills so its not 30k and on xbox i got 27000 and some odd kills still no shottys no one knows how it works y waste your time giving out pointless info that isnt going to change anything ??? except maybe people reseting there stats?? and everyone says its kd and blablabla heres a little info for you when u look at your stats u dont just see kills and downs you see kills downs deaths doors perks gibs grenade headshot miles and so forth all that crap some how factors into your rank no one nos how but im sure it does why else would it show u all that crap ? not only does it show that but it also shows versus stats and co op stats there are tons of people out there who have kd of 200 and more and have over 100k kills and dont have those shot guns the system is screwed up thats the only fact there is really so stop posting meaningless pointless fourms that we read daily cuz there all the same but none of them work .... sorry to rant but this annoying and boring to read the same stuff over and over there has got to be something better to talk about???