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        80. Re: Target finders...

        what about the head glitchers using the TF .... you can't see them before the diamond lights you up

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          81. Re: Target finders...

          No sight in this game has auto aim at all. It has sticky aim or aim assist which makes the sight pause over an enemy when they are near. that is not the same as auto aim where it would move the sight for you and lock on to the enemy. the only game that ever really had such a feature with either tribes with the happy mod.. or section 8 with its lock on ability that was part of the game itself.

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            82. Re: Target finders...

            This game does have auto aim...trust me http://community.callofduty.com/message/414092049#414092049

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              83. Re: Target finders...

              Cold blooded is all you need and you can stop complaining. Seriously. What pisses me off is the tat insertion and the boosters!

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                84. Re: Target finders...

                The target finder does seem to reduce recoil to zero. Just sayin'. Don't mind them though. In fact I like to use emp's on them if I know someone is using them, I will keep feeding emp's their way and never go in their line of site just to p them off.

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                  85. Re: Target finders...

                  The target finder is a try hard attachment.

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                    86. Re: Target finders...

                    OrbitaIVSAT wrote:


                    This game does have auto aim...trust me http://community.callofduty.com/message/414092049#414092049

                    Yeah sure just pick a 3 second video where the guy was pretty much on target the whole time, why dont you show a video where the guy auto aims the whole game ?


                    You want to see REAL auto aim then try GTA4.

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                      87. Re: Target finders...

                      The thing I find annoying about them is that the kill cam never helps you see where you went wrong.  All you see is the target finder starring around a corner, it lights up and they sparay and pray and usually get lucky if they are using an LMG. Ít's funny how many of the people that use them have really bad aim; when you use cold blooded or EMP them most of them can't fire off a single shot.  I have one class with them and FMJ to catch the ones that are headglitching.

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                        88. Re: Target finders...

                        Let me put my hand up and say I use the target finder. I don't have the best of eyesight and I find the TF helpful on darker maps such as Carrier. On lighter maps I have no problem and actually prefer iron sights with my weapon of choice atm the M8. Target finder takes away peripheral vision, can be a hinderence in close quarters, and can be countered with cb and emps. If you complain about TF you might as well complain about dual band. At the end of the day TF is available to all - it's not like gamers are "exploiting" it's use.

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                          89. Re: Target finders...

                          Yeah take the Target Finder attachment out of this game! I don't like getting killed by them and so does alot of other people. Also what they need to take out are shotguns! they ruin the game.


                          Yeah that is how people who hate the Target Finder sounds.


                          Face it no one likes to keep getting killed by the same thing over and over again. one game they may be complaining about a Target Finder, next game they will complain about a sniper or even a shotgun.


                          For me, i love useing the Target Finder. The TF is put into the game for it to be used.  when i decide to take it easy and camp like the "f**king noob camper w/ a LMG/Supressed/TF" like i am, the attachment helps alot to find the enemies that i would be unable to see with a regular Reflex sight. Also adding the Hard Wired perk helps a great bunch with emp granades. Plus Tactical mask and Flack Jacket makes me the ultimate camping machine.


                          But their is one easy way to beat a TF, Smoke + Thermal. easy kill. yet i have yet to see one person decide to take me out like that. Smoke granades disables the target finder to see past the smoke which everyone knows about. If you were smart you would start throwing smokes in front of a TF user.

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