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    broken broken game.........

      Seriously i have had enough now....this game was broken from the start how many fixes from the 19th February ?!? are you taking the piss?? Do you not do any quality control procedures in your company?


      Its not like this is your first 'big game' and its taken you by surprise!!


      Absolute joke! thought i'd give it another try this morning but oh no, lag everywhere, taking ages to join lobbys and then it would seem when i do join one i seem to be connected to the only person playing on a remote island in the north pole because the lag is so bad!


      Never again......Today this game gets traded in for something else ive tried to persevere but its disheartening to try and play the game and you just end up as target practice for everyone else!


      So long Treyarch you have lost another long time customer!

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          Re: broken broken game.........

          Have you tried playing it on the Wii?  it's so much better!

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            Re: broken broken game.........

            My network setup.

            Fibre to the home @ 255mbps down 20 up

            Gigabit network cable to my ps3

            From the north of England I can ping London in 5ms and the south of France in 24ms

            Is this the reason why 9/10 games I'm 1-2 behind everyone. I see the foot coming round the corner, I shoot 15 rounds and don't miss one. Then all of a sudden I'm dead. Reply shows him coming round the corner, sees me, aims with a LMG and kills me. And I've apparently have only fired 2 rounds. Every single game is like this. I'm getting owned by noobs.

            So I connect my ps3 thru wifi into my iphone and use my slow 3G connection with a very high ping. And I get 40 plus kills every game. Does this prove the software that balances the lag out is totally corrupt?

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              Re: broken broken game.........

              Welcome to the club. Black Ops2 is the death of Call of Duty. David V. screwed us in the @$$ on this one. I will not buy another 3ARC game again. I have over 300 hrs played on BO, my first CoD game and didn't know any better, however it still plays much better than BO2. I have 400+ hrs played on MW3, still has it's problems but still plays better than BO2. BO2 play time 10hrs!!!! Sold the game to some poor soul.

              You can call it whatever you want, it is a piss poor excuse for a game. 

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