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    Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

      The Infamous Trip Cap...


      Being a veteran Call of Duty player, my favorite game mode has got to be domination - but there seems to be an issue with the requirements for Domination Master (the shark shooting an assault rifle). The problem seems to lie in the "Trip Cap" challenge for Domination, in which you are to hold all three points for three minutes straight. This sounds easy in theory, but to obtain this challenge honorably (that is, without cheating or using a server of twelve friends), you are put up against essentially impossible odds.


      Ever since I bought Black Ops II, I've been playing absolutely nothing but Domination - my entire versus record is quite literally 100% domination. I have every Domination challenge completed almost eight times over, but Trip Cap has eluded me constantly. It's not really a matter of skill or luck, but a simple matter of fact - holding all three points (ABC) for three minutes against any player is sincerely impossible with the two round system implemented in BOII, as they're both too short to accomplish this challenge effectively.


      Essentially what I'm saying is that if you have Domination Master, you had to cheat the game by using twelve friends, or you got extraordinarily lucky in a quick match entirely stacked against a single enemy player (in this case, even the most casual of gamers will get lucky and take a point in three minutes). Ultimately, I'm finding it to be literally impossible to obtain in any legitimate sense. I think this challenge is bugged, to say the least - being that you currently have to cheat the game to earn Domination Master (my ultimate goal as a Domination fan). No other gametype has anything even close to how excrutiating Domination Master has been to aquire.


      Thus, I've been thinking of two main ways in which you could remedy this little bug:


      -Making the 3 minutes cumulative for both rounds of a match (which it currently is not)


      -Making Trip Cap have cumulative tiers (if there is too simple of a new requirement)


      This has been a problem for me since launch, to be honest - the only fathomable solution for this challenge is illegitimate or cheap. Even after the season pass and Revolution map pack, I have yet to earn Domination Master. Bear in mind that this isn't a complaint from a casual player, only a suggestion - the callsign is definitely obtainable, but by no legitimate means. There have been matches where I've come really close, but the fact is that no human player would allow themselves to be dominated for that long without suicidally hammering a point with no relent.


      I think a lot of the community would probably appreciate this change, twelve willing participants are extremely hard to come by... and I'd honestly rather not cheat to obtain it, either. I really hope this is taken into account by Treyarch, because I've been going for the shark since day 1 of playing - I've prestiged multiple times now and have multiple completed guns, but still not Trip Cap... no matter how hard I try, I don't think I'll ever be able to get it, even by sheer luck. I've been on a team of all diamond-gun super elites and have still not gotten it in quick match.


      If this post needs to be moved to another thread, please do so... just please ensure that it reaches the eyes and/or ears of the developers.


      Also, I'm not entirely sure if this issue is cross-platform, but for specific detail: I own Black Ops II for Xbox 360.

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          Re: Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

          This by far is one of the worst challenges to complete, but I finally got it tonight courtesy of 1 friend and 3 of his friends, we had 1 randomer on our team and 6 randomers on the enemy team, it is pure luck and being given a forgiving map, we got Overflow, which did play in our favour. It's taken me 9 prestige's to do this and a hell of a lot of patience, so all I can say is don't give up and good luck

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            Re: Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

            Before my clan up and left the game completely we played solely DOM. We were pretty damn good, and had several players ranked incredibly high in DOM, but only one of my friends managed to get the challenge and that's because the enitre enemy team left except one guy. I've known no one to get the challenge because the spawns will often favor the enemy being dominated. Unless you had 24/7 VSAT I don't see this being possible

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              Re: Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

              There are many cards that I will never go for and that is one becuase of the requirment. For as youn said even one lone greeny can get too one of the flags even after tripple capped and take it back to easily before the time would be enough. Basically this card tries to get people to camp the flags.. requiring too very good players at each flag capable of defending against an entire team if need be. Not worth it in my eyes.

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                Re: Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

                Got this challenge in the first month where people raged even more and servers didn't connect people from the outside. Did it twice on Nuketown and once on express, we held the cap against 1 person and he never capped again.

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                  Re: Domination  - A Potential Fix for Trip Cap?

                  This challenge is completely attainable legitimately. But luck must be on your side. This is much easier to get if your in a party and not random. There must be good communication. The lucky part for me was that the other team got frustrated and started to back out so they were random and new enemies entered an uphill battle.

                  There have been some glitches with this achievement. Under my career challenges in Elite. it said that I had this challenges "done" before I had actually earned it. I was scared this might screw up my calling card when I did actually earn it, but it didn't. The Demolition Master was glitched and when the patch came out, it appeared.

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