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    Why EMP grenades have no place in this Call of Duty.

      Hello my fellow Call of Duty players.


      I would like to know the general concensus of EMP grenades in this game because I believe it is absolutely overpowered. Before getting into my rant, I'd like to clarify that overall I feel this game is decently balanced (at least there aren't newb tubes flying everywhere). In any event, back to the subject. According to my Create a Class window, the effect of an EMP grenade is that is "disables nearby enemy electronic systems." My friends, this is a blatant lie. EMP grenades do not just "[disable] nearby enemy electronic systems", but they also interrupt a sprinting enemy player, momentarily flash the affected enemy's screen, and disable enemies from calling in killstreaks, not to mention the fact that is goes through walls. Now, before anyone gets all up in my grill about how the HUD can be considered an electronic system, I would like to state that nowhere in the Create a Class setup is 'enemy electronic systems' defined. In addition, we are not warned of experiencing similar symptoms to concussions.I recognize the fact there needs to be some sort of agent that can disable enemy equipment, but this already comes in several different forms: trophy system, black hat, and-oh yeah- the actual EMP killstreak. There is a reason why the EMP killstreak is as high as it is. It's because disabling someone's HUD and ability to use electronics is a huge disadvantage. The thing is, this little grenade can be used by any player. and that's my problem; the thing is, this little grenade can go through friggin walls, and that's my problem; and the things is, this little grenade thing is a nuisance to the Call of Duty experience, and that's my problem.


      Hopefully, if enough people react to this, Treyarch may acknowledge this. I don't know. Just leave a comment telling me what you think.

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