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    Xbox 360 leaderboards! Please address them!

      OK, this has gone on for far too long now. Treyarch, you sorted out the hackers almost immediatly last time. But now, there are a total of 6 hackers on the top of leaderboards. Why haven't these been removed yet and banned!? It destroys the fun aspect of the game of people who play for leaderboards. I'm currently #16th on the leaderboards w/ the hackers, when infact I should be #10th.


      PLEASE take action on the leaderboards already - I do not want this game to die at such an early stage due to ignorant hackers who destroy the fun for everyone else.


      Thank you,


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          Just report them. Personally, my myself I couldnt give a damn about leader boards tbh.

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              I have done, multiple times. It doesn't matter that you don't care about the leaderboards, it's the fact that it's ruining the fun for others that do. We're a community, we need to get them removed.

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                I tend to agree but then again I am not nearly as good as you clearly. Last I looked I was ranked just over 70,000 globally but that was a while ago as I don't pay attention. There's an entire small city ahead of me and maybe it would be more important if I were better.


                I mean this sincerely, would it change your day to day enjoyment of the game if you had those 6 spots on the boards? Do you really ONLY play for leaderboard status?


                Maybe at your level you do. For me I just really jump on to shoot some folks, have a few laughs and then move on.

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                    I'd only care about the whole leader board thing, if I was in the top 10. Though, I'm not. :0


                    Give them time too, my boys at treyarch are probably too busy 'working on league play'. I bet more people look at the leader boards, rather that play league play.

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                      I see when you're coming from - these 6 sports certraintly wouldn't make my day, however I would appreciate it if they did some sort of action to keep people who do care about leaderboard status keep playing the game.


                      I do not solely play for leaderboards status, however it does make it more fun for me to do so. Having those 6 extra ranks would motivate me to play the game more than I do now; which is what Treyarch want, right? They want people to continue playing the game, but at this rate, more people will end up not playing due to small minority who insist on ruining the game expereience for others.

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                    these hackers need to ******* go it is a joke who the **** is coding for treyarch a 4 year old! this game is going the same way as cod4.

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                      rank 2348576 should be 2348670!!!!

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                        To me the leaderboards are stupid, as they truly do not represent a players skill but rather the amount of time that players has played the game.  I mean, I am pretty sure I am not nearly as good as the OP of this post but all I have to do is put in more time playing the game than the OP and eventually I will pass him on the leaderboards but does that really mean I am better.

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                            I agree with you. Leaderboards aren't an accurate depreciation of a players skill, just how much time they play. However, can you not see where I'm coming from? I play this game for fun, and yes, leaderboards matter to me in a small way. But that's good, leaderboards somewhat reward the hardcore players who are willing to put hours after hours into a developers game in order to be placed highly on those leaderboards.


                            There will be a lot more players that take the leaderboards a lot more seriously than I do, and having hackers above them taking their acheivment away from them in a matter of seconds really matters to them. It's a kill joy. Players need to be rewarded for what they do in the game and for CoD, it's happens to be the leaderboards (exlcluding actual GS acheivements). Treyarch not removing and banning these hackers in giving them victory and the people who actually buy the game and play for leaderboards defeat.


                            Sorry for my rant - the hackers need to be removed, that's all I'm getting at.

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                            I dont think i have ever looked at the top of the boards. it does not matter, The game goes by SPM which can be easily manipulated. I like the leaderboards from MW. Kills, wins and score.

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                              does it matter??

                              is it game changing or life breaking?

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                                Who cares, it is not like the leaderboards really mean anything at all. Your spot on the leaderboard means nothing to anyone but yourself. I could care less what your spot is on it or mine or anyone elses. I think they should just remove the leaderboards all together and then people would have less of a reason to hack or mod or boost to begin with.


                                There are worse problems in this game then leaderboards haveing boosted or hacked players on the top.

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                                    stats, kd, wl and all other things of that nature are what really ruin this game and the community

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                                      He has a legitimate complaint. It's a bit annoying when people go around these forums minimalizing everyone just because they feel something else is a higher priority. If boosting wasn't wrong people wouldn't get banned for it, but since people do get banned for it than I guess that means he is right in complaining that they go high on the leaderboard by boosting.


                                      He is bringing attention to it in a respectful manner. We as a community should not want cheaters to go unpunished, it's as simple as that. I personally don't care about the leaderboards either but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't! If I was top 100 or even top 1000 on the leaderboards I would start to care too.


                                      It also gives the impression to the rest of the community that the devs dont care when they let rampant cheating to unpunished. Which in turn gives more losers justification to follow suit.

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                                          Thank you - at least I have someone who see's where I am coming from.


                                          @trailstardragon, I can see your point that you may not care about the leaderboards and in some sense I do agree with your opinion that the leaderboards may not help the community due to competitiveness; however that does not ignore the fact that people are cheating their way to the top. We as a community should not condone that, it isn't fair for the people who play legitimately.


                                          From what I have read today in these comments is that the majority of people (people that have commented) do not care for the others amongst the Call of Duty community. Even though you may not care about the leaderboards yourself, you should be respectful of others amongst the community and respect their opinion - we should all agree on my original post and not be narrow minded, the cheaters at the top of the leaderboard need to be removed!

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                                              it should not really matter because those stats really mean nothing at all. You are taking the game to serious at that point. Leaderboards are meant as friendly comparison of how you stack against someone else, not something to get so upset or worried about because you are 6 slots lower than you feel you should be. Everyone can see those taht hack and mod to the top and no one takes them or their stats serious at all.


                                              As toward is not being fair.. who cares really. it is just a game and not life and death. it is not a real matter of importance that someone is lower in rank because of boosted stats. It is because of people like you that worry to much about your spot that they do what they do in the first place.


                                              The cheaters at the top hurt no one but those that take stats as a life and death issue or a pride and vanity issue thinking they mean something when they do not.


                                              You must not have been playing games long enough to know or understnad that in the end those stats mean nothing at all. They will not make you famous or liked or popular accept by others that care about useless numbers in a game that really means nothing outside of the game.

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                                                  But the matter of fact, it does matter. It matters to the people who play for leaderboards and like competing with others.


                                                  I did not state that this was a matter of life or death, or that I intend to get 'famous' through leaderboards status; but you're ignoring the fact of what I'm trying to say here. Whether if you agree or not, people have cheated their way to the top - that isn't acceptable. Can you not see where I am coming from? Hacking, cheating and or modding shouldn't be justified like this - it should simply just not be allowed. Don't you agree?


                                                  I'm not going to argue over a thread about someone else's opinion on this matter, I can see that the leaderboards don't seem to bother you at all, but this is coming from someone who does in some way care about the leaderboards. We're a community at the end of the day. Can't you help another player out and atleast agree with me to some extent that this isn't right?




                                                  As @snorubit said before "If any consolation I'll make the effort to submit a complaint against the GT on the leaderboards." I'm asking kindly, if you're not going agree with my point that I'm trying to get across to you - can you atleast make the effort for me and do the same as he did? It'll take a mere 5 minutes out of your time to do so. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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                                            I only use the LB's to compare myself to buddies that I play with.  I know they play the same style as me and the SPM gives me a good idea of where I stand with them.  Other then that, I could care less.

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                                              I get what he's saying why should boosters or hacks be at the top of any leader board and that's just the top ten 60% shouldn't there . If the boosters and hacks would be properly dealt with this wouldn't be an issue and then we wouldn't have to listen to others say how everything that measures any stat should be removed to as a bandaid way of stopping hacks and boosters.

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                                                Sorry for the bump - but this needs to be addressed ASAP. I hope a forum moderator see's this.


                                                Please get this noticed!

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                                                  Go on hackers my son, hack the hell out of the leaderboards, afterall i'm not there

                                                  But seriously they have to fix it, when I was #1 two hackers had me in third for almost two months, and I hated that.

                                                  Machewski is a dashboarder. </3x


                                                  LOL I made ELiTe when I was called DaangerMouse, screw that!.


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                                                    I have noticed that to. I hope that gets resolved.

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                                                      You are absolutely right in the fact that it should be unacceptable and something so easy as maintaining atleast the top 100 would take them all of 30 minutes a day. It's bad publicity for the game should someone want to see who's the best at cod and the majority of the top 10 are blatant cheaters.


                                                      So tired of hearing the "for fun" argument. That argument is null and void in 90% of the situations it is used, for the simple fact that you can't decide what is fun for other people. Fun for this guy is tracking his climb to the top of the ladder, who are you to say it's wrong?


                                                      Machewski, don't listen to this wannabe forum demi-gods. They don't have all the answers and their idea of fun seems to be somewhere in the forums telling people what is allowed to be fun for them.


                                                      This game has bragged of how competitive they were going and people are going to be competitive in it. Being in the top 10 is a tremendous bragging right and there is more on the line as with CoD having an ever growing player base, commentating scene, and MLG endorsement. People are living their dream out playing video games and coaching others on how to play etc.


                                                      I don't know if Machewski has any of these aspirations or just enjoys the personal achievement of making top 10. But his reason for doing it simply doesn't matter.


                                                      HACKERS/CHEATERS SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER. The whole ladder is better but at the very least the top 100 should be a safe haven, if not for the community for the integrity of the game itself.

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                                                        How are you lucky enough to get constantly placed in lobbies with total beginners (level 5ish) players that stay in the game going 1-35,2-30,10-39? Not accusing, just asking, time of day maybe?