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        20. Re: Racist Emblems

        I tend to agree, effing grow up. You really had to make a thread about this? You and your friends are really that offended? I'm sure ,or at least hope, this is the least of treyarcs worries, ban boosters if anyone. Report them and move on, but you felt the need to make a thread?...I just don't get it.

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          21. Re: Racist Emblems

          On the Xbox you have a chance of the user being banned or suspended, but only through Microsoft and Xbox live... you won't get any consequences in-game from 3arc.


          On PC players are completely free to make whatever racist emblem they want...


          Oh and to wtfwarrior, yes the mission of the game is to kill. However racism is just plain wrong no matter where it pops up. It doesn't matter what type of online game it is, nobody EVER has the right to spew racism or make racist images.


          It's hardly "crying" when someone has a black person covered with bleeding cuts, being hung... or a spiked dildo being shoved into a black a** with the words "get raped n*****" -- Emblems like these are not acceptable in any way shape or form. To defend such racist pricks makes you a racist yourself.


          Racists do not deserve to have human rights, they should be rounded up and exterminated like rodents. The world would be a much better place.

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            22. Re: Racist Emblems

            you must stay busy. How do you find time to play?

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              23. Re: Racist Emblems

              Everyone should seriously develop thicker skin. If you guys are offended by some 10 year old trying to GET. A. REACTION. then I pity you.

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                24. Re: Racist Emblems

                I have pretty thick skin and i have no worry about it.


                But there are morals and the right things to abide by. It is pretty disgusting that i see countless emblems everynight that are not just racial or hatred. There are also plenty of other disgusting ones as well.


                I played some games with my 11 year old son lastnight. He is actually a very innocent 11 year old who still enjoys his childhood. But obviously woth nothing to do while waiting in a lobby you scroll through players tags, look at combat records and check out emblems.


                Here is a list of what i can remember within 4 different lobbies with my kid:


                Chick giving a blowjob with cream on her face.

                Bare ass with the vagina showing and something brown oozing out.

                Penis and balls with a hat.

                KKK guys with a swastika

                hairy ass with a penis being inserted.


                and plenty of other ones that are over the border or descent. This is a gaming console and not a internet porn site or forums. People do not have freedom of speech according to the code of conduct. Why treyarch does not of instant bans or some tyoe of software recognition is beyond me? If they are not going to enforce the rules then they should do away with the emblem editor all together.

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                  25. Re: Racist Emblems

                  The only reaction they get from me is a report. I like the thought of the eventual emblem ban.

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                    26. Re: Racist Emblems

                    It cracks me up when I a swaztika, don't they realize their 'heroes' lost the war.  I'd be embarassed myself but whatever; laugh then report then move on.

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                      27. Re: Racist Emblems

                      seriously, i just just report all negative emblems. its pretty childish even putting things like "F OFF" on there...

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                        28. Re: Racist Emblems

                        I agree I don't want my child seeing some of these things. That's why I just would not let him/or her scroll over to see the pics people have created.


                        No different from not allowing your kid(s) to watch certain shows or listen to certain music.


                        Unfortunately, as long as you allow people to create these icons then this problem will always exist.

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                          29. Re: Racist Emblems

                          While not letting them scroll over them while in the lobby is fine but that does not stop them from being seen while actually playing the game and I have no kids to worry about seeing these things but others do.  Which is why I report them all both in game and on XBL.

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