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        10. Re: Racist Emblems

        I came across a clan in CTF that had that but with teddy bears recieving the man juice.  If I allowed communications I would have sent them a message winding them up that it they have a teddy bear fetish.  Damn, I should get a new PC and connect up my PVR and get some trolltage.

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          11. Re: Racist Emblems

          Dude, I'm LMFAO right now cause of one of the replies in this thread.


          Anyways... Who cares? Report and move on. You're not going to change everyone's point of view. I wish I could convince some retards when they had a lag advantage or show some campers how they have no self respect, but I can't.


          Allowing them to troll you is what they want. Don't give them the satisfaction.

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            12. Re: Racist Emblems

            They need to add a "mute" button for emblems. This way people could choose to never see an offensive emblem again.

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              13. Re: Racist Emblems

              Freedom of speech, report and move on. Cant always be the thought police.

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                14. Re: Racist Emblems

                Report them and move on. I just see them as the sign of a feeble mind.


                Remember there are a lot more of us out here than there are enforcers. Justice may take a while.

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                  15. Re: Racist Emblems

                  myevo8you wrote:


                  I have personally seen quite a few people loose their entire gamertag and anything associated with it over sexist/racist/illegal drug emblems.

                  How did you personally see quite a few people lose their entire gamertag?


                  I'm really asking.


                  Is there a way to keep tabs on people? Or did you do a search on Elite for their gamertag and it just didn't come up any more? (not to be trusted. My brother used to come up on an Elite search and now he doesn't. ...but his account is stil up and running perfectly.)


                  Do you personally know quite a few people who lost their gamertag because of their emblem?

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                    16. Re: Racist Emblems

                    I watch the XBOX banned forums daily, and have for about 3 years. After reporting people (I go into recent players and the really bad ones I write their gamertags down), and if I see a gamertag that looks familiar I check and see if it was on I reported. Also that there are a BUNCH that I don't know whether or not are ones I reported because on the forums they sometimes don't list their gamertags with the "Why was XXXXXXXXX gamertag banned". There are a LOT of ones banned for "user created content" and there are only a small number of games that have that feature.

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                      17. Re: Racist Emblems

                      seems like they took away alot of symbols from the last BO and just put in more ways to make dicks and what not lol

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                        18. Re: Racist Emblems

                        i hate them and report them on site, along with boosters, cheaters and abusive players

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                          19. Re: Racist Emblems

                          Man you guys are a bunch of crybabys! Wahhhh report report! Why? Cuz you find something offensive? You play a game where your mission is to KILL and your gonna cry about emblems?! Grow up. They don't care about the emblems, its not that big of a deal, your 20+ and crying bout someone with a "Racist" emblem? smh. go play Halo

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