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    spawning into losing games

      a question or rather be nice for a fix for this why is it that you get spawned into random games where everyone is losing no chance of a come back? there are 10s of thousands of people playing this game if not more lol and yet you can get spawned in where a game is going say i dont know 55 and 0 or 20 or less or whatever wtf is this with such a stupid feature? where it makes you think screw playing this it just seems absurd and its highly aggravating! :@ :/

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          Yeah this game is the best at it. Just a couple of days ago I was put into three games. One team had satellite up.


          The second team had a warship.


          The third one had k9s and a satellite.


          I backed out right away and got a loss for all three.

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              yep either that or my team also is losing badly lol i alwways seem to go ham on my own but the rest of the team god damn! and yep im sick of spawning into losing games where you cant even bring it back annoying as hell! lol being spawn trapped or killstreaked to death!

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                this is the reason why there is games like this because of people like you who back out.. when you back out another slot opens and somone else takes the same heat as you..


                its a neverending circle jerk and it because of rage quitting if people didnt do that, there would be no other team raping them for being 6 vs 2 or 3 and so on

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                well they have to fill games, most of the players on the winning team stays in the game


                its best to spectate first and see if its worth playing or not..


                sometimes ill see that the team is losing, and getting owned, and ill still play just to piss the winning team off.. since they have been use to destroying the other team, a new player comes in and ruines streaks chances, and kills their KD.. best way to make a clan/party rage

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                  it would be pretty amazing if the game would stop accepting people with 5 mins or less remaining.

                  if the game ends because the entire other team left, it will end in 20 seconds instead of 5 mins, and everyone will still get the win they were going to get.

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                    Best option would be, anything less then a full game doesn't count against you.

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                      It happens to everybody.  Deal with it.

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                        If the JIP is that big of a problem for you, then maybe give League Play a try. There is no JIP in League Play. Just keep in mind there is still quitting in League Play. So you can easily end up in a 3v6 game in no time flat. Only this time, there is noone coming to your rescue. Just a 6 man hunt for your blood lol. JIP is a necessary evil I am afraid as quitting will never come to an end. Personally, I would rather it was not in the game and if there is half or less than half of your team in the game you didn't get a loss for quitting it. However, those that quit with a full team in there got a loss, +10 deaths on all the deaths they earned, and no kills for the match.

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                          When this happens to me I just quit right away. No big deal. Its a loss. It does get annoying when it puts you right back into the same lobby again. If it is really close to the end I'll just join and tuff it out. Then wait and if the teams are the same the next match I just leave before the game starts. Of course all this could be avoided if they just put parties into lobbies based on their highest scoring player instead of their worst player. That would keep the games even.

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                            I know what you mean, was in a party of 4 including myself and we got put into a game of Dom where the score was 168-20, yeah fat chance of coming back from that, mind you we did end up dominating the opposing team before they got the win.

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                              It happens in all COD titles and the devs cannot implement a system where you avoid joining a match in progress.


                              Reason being that if such a system was in place to avoid joining a match in progress, you'd end up with 6 vs 1 matches or forfeited matches more often because no one is filling up those matches.


                              Only solution is to play in at least parties of 3 or more to avoid these situations. You'll find yourself in fresh lobbies more often.

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                                Another one of these threads? If only there was some sort of search tool...


                                Here is the deal. You play lone wolf in team games, they are going to use you to fill lobbies to keep lobbies alive because of the quitters who rage quit once getting their rear ends handed to them. It sucks, but you just have to hang in there for a few minutes, do the best you can (Its possible to turn matches around as well, done that before), and then you are back in the lobby on equal footing again.


                                Play with a party, very rarely do we get put into games in progress with 3 or more players, and never when we have a full six.

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                                  I would love to see menu options for Join lobby, quickmatch, or JIP. Then award JIP players with extra xp, either with a multiplier or larger match bonus. Suddenly I would like JIP instead of totally despising it

                                  like I do now.

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                                      i would love to see an JIP or no JIP option added to search preferences

                                      it would make it so that people who play lone wolf would have a fair chance and even if you play with a party you dont want to get stuck up with players that go 3-40 in headquarters and we are behind 200-0 with 8 minutes left on the clock.

                                      ok me and 1 of my friends got into a game yesterday where it was 245-0 against us obviously.

                                      with around 9 minutes left on the clock so they just sat on every HQ waiting for it to go online.

                                      me and my friend joined and suddenly the tables were turned.

                                      we both had high end streaks and we both earned em going for the HQ al the time.

                                      i was wondering this thing actualy

                                      if 2 players can totally dominate and dominating team how bad are my team mates then

                                      my friend earned his 1st swarm while i had Vsat Lodestar and Vtol and earned em al he had Vsat Vtol Swarm and we took turns who set out their streaks so we could stil capture the HQ

                                      we actualy end up winning with 245-250 which if i was on the enemy team i would freak out we lost the entire game just because 2 players joined in.

                                      doesnt make it straight that my entire team was getting dominated for the majority of the game and that 2 higher skilled players had to join in and help em.

                                      i dont think the JIP is the big problem its the team balancing.

                                      often i see that people gets completely dominated with no chance of return but also ive noticed that they are tweaking the lag compensation torwards host and all.

                                      they arent saying it but its obvious right now.

                                      normally we are hoping for host and now we are begging not to be host since the host and his entire team gets an major disadvantage while the enemy team gets the advantage.

                                      found this in numerous situations.

                                      my team gets host after 3 host migrations we got destroyed.

                                      then 1 host migration after that the enemy has it and they get destroyed.

                                      treyarch is fixing this but arent saying it to ''protect'' their so precious statement of how good the lag comp is in their games.

                                      as soon its fixed they say see it was al on your end not ours or something similar.

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                                      If people didn't ragequit, this wouldn't happen. Blame the babies who cant take getting beat down.


                                      And before someone chimes in with the usual excuse of "O I wont stay in a game where I'm getting lagged out blah de blah de BS" no. Just no. You know within the first 30 seconds to a minute of a match whether or not your in a rough lobby. If you are stupid enough to stick in there until you gift the enemy their VSAT and whatever else they have lined up after then that is YOUR FAULT. You could have backed out straight away when you saw the writing on the wall.


                                      And just in case I have a "You dont know what its like to get stomped by high end killstreaks/get lagged out constantly" yes. Yes I do. Very well. I've had the living daylights hammered out of me at some point in every CoD, I get the occasional laggy lobby like everyone will from time to time and I had bad issues at launch like everyone else does and has done so in every online FPS ever. Dont believe I've gotten hammered? I just dragged my KD up to 1.05 last night. My KD for the past week is sitting at 1.51. Little indicator of my rough start to this game.

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                                        I played a recent match on hydro where we were down to one enemy player. Our team basically chased him back and forth and knifed fought each other.