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        80. Re: KDR and SPM

        SPM is the worst gauge of skill or talent. When you get into a lobby and a Noob is on top of the board with a 400 SPM and 50 kills that should tell you something is wrong with the gauge. It to me, is as valuable as the old Accuracy stat...worthless. It really depends on the game mode. KDR is a great gauge for TDM other than that whatever. High kills low deaths and low caps tells me that they are not playing for objectives and just trying to farm kills. High KD and low confirms tells me that they are kill farmers nothing more. Low win loss ratios and high kills tell me that they are what I previously posted Parasite Players. I'm by no means a COD God but I play to win. I have over 2000 flag captures on HC CTF and an overall KD of 1.30 and a 61 win percentage. You can have your KD and SPM I play to win.

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          81. Re: KDR and SPM

          I had a 2.8KD, and a SPM of around 250ish playing with high killstreaks (Vsat, Warthog and Loadstar) , but as I started doing challenges (Master of humiliation) my KD dropped to 2.19ish, I then started using UAV, Hunter Killer and Counter UAV and my SPM is now around 313 and increasing all the time due to getting them all the time and gaining assists.


          In Hardcore SPM is not a true reflection as you have repawn timers, well you used to in every game, now in conjunction with respawn timers being exterminated and running low killstreaks (which I have swithced to now) SPM starts to become a bit more relevant as you are not waiting around for people to respawn.


          If I played Core TDM then I feel that my SPM would be higher.

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            82. Re: KDR and SPM

            nah tdm will bring it down if u play dom and run streaks like uav,counter,emp,vsat they help ur spm a lot im sure thats been touched apon sumwhere in this post

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              83. Re: KDR and SPM

              All of this is subjective to the game mode.

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                84. Re: KDR and SPM

                If he would play DOM and if he would play the objective there - his K/D woud drop but his SPM would raise...if everything would stay where it was, he´s one of that players that abuse DOM for their f***ing stats!


                My 2ct.

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                  85. Re: KDR and SPM


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                    86. Re: KDR and SPM

                    The best way to judge a player is by all 3 things K/D W/L and SPM you can't just cut one out and say it means nothing.

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                      87. Re: KDR and SPM

                      This is a game, not life. People who need to judge by game stats, are over compensating for the fact they are not being judged fairly in life (because they are being put down, or have no life experience/skills to be judged by)


                      Sorry for the over simplification, as it does not apply to everyone. Just saying.

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                        88. Re: KDR and SPM

                        ha the worst stat is usually the one that the haters will judge you by to boost themselves up

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                          89. Re: KDR and SPM

                          if you just play SnD that is a pretty good spm since you don't get that much score per kill, just good exp from the elimination titles.

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