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    Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

      I've been playing Black Ops 2 for 2 1/2 months. It's my first foray into multiplayer FPS's, as I've always been a single-player campaign sort of a guy. Here is what I have learned from you young whipper-snappers.


      1) Some of you take this game far too seriously. I have heard some ragers spew the most vile hate over the silliest things. And believe me, I know the difference between friendly trash-talking and the really nasty stuff. Racism and misogyny are particularly rampant. Take it from a guy with a healthy heart and low blood pressure...chill my young padawans. Save your rage for the real bad guys out there, and even then...maintain control.


      2) Camping is pure bliss for us old-timers. I get out of breath just watching you twitchers out there who run headlong into the same bullet stream over and over again. I get it, I really do. If I were in high school or college, and living on a steady diet of Red Bull and Cheetos, I'd be bouncing off the walls myself. But, I LOVE sitting in a spot, popping a guy KNOWING that he won't be able to resist coming back for me. So, I anticipate his predictable response, move to a different spot, pop him again and repeat until I get bored. I know, it's mean, but some of you are just too much fun and adorable. Stop raging against campers. It may be boring to you, but it's fun for us. The world is full of people who don't see the world the way you do. Viva la difference!


      3) If you are playing HC, and you can't avoid shooting your team mates and getting booted from the game, stop complaining and telling 3Arc that they need to turn off the friendly fire option. The problem is, your fire control is lousy due the frantic play-style mentioned above. Instead, acknowlege your inexperience with humility. You may have been "all that" in core, but you're playing a different game now. Different isn't bad, it's just...different. Learn to check-fire and exercise care and discipline. If you hate it, go back to core. Again, viva la difference!


      4) Finally, touching again on my first point...this is a game. It is not real. That means that playing this game 9 hours a day and hitting master prestige in a month isn't something to be proud of. All that means is that you are a compulsive gamer who is struggling with an addiction that is going to hamper your overall effectiveness. So, play BO2. Enjoy it for a few hours. Then, go outside and ride your bike with another person...not a virtual person, but a real one that you can see and touch. And speaking of touching, kiss a girl (or guy as the case may be). Young love is a wonderful thig, and if you do it right, it leads to mature love, and there is nothing like being married to your best friend. And the best thing? Being married to someone who likes to play BO2 with you. Pure awesomeness.


      So, take it from a guy who started playing Doom in college and now tries to fit in some CoD, Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider now and then while loving his wife, raising kids and maintaining a career as a business consultant. You have a bright future. You will go on to do amazing things. And, aside from your rare John Carmacks and Cliffy B's, none of it will have anything to do with video games. Oh, and be careful out there. The next time you turn that corner in Slums and get popped by a guy outside the laundromat (over and over) it's probably me.

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          1. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

          Thanks for telling me your camping spot. (You have 18 years on me) It's nice to see someone not taking this game so seriously, but boo to you for camping (I kid..)


          In all seriouesness, nicely put post.

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            2. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

            Good post!!

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              3. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

              This was the best thing I have read on here in a long time.


              I am an "older" gamer myself, several years behind you, but in my mid thirties. A lot of my frustration in the early days was that I tried to play like I saw younger players doing. Running and gunning, going balls to the wall at all times. It just doesn't work anymore at a certain point in life. When I realized this, my game improved 10 fold.


              When I learned to slow down and play at my own pace, I played better and just had a lot more fun. I don't know that I "camp" primarily, but I will gladly do so if that is what my team strategy calls for.


              I think the benefit of being an older gamer is just playing smarter. I have defeated better players by simply out-thinking or out-witting them. Using my experience against them. Changing my game rather than raging and quitting. A lot of times, they can't handle that adjustment.


              Great first post, sir.

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                4. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

                FINALLY a poster with (GASP) common sense. I myself am considered an "older" gamer. I am 34 and have been a gamer since the Atari 2600.


                Far too many times you see people whine and complain about things that they WANT changed because it doesn't fit THEIR playstyle. This is where players such as myself, the OP, Drew and a few others flourish. The predictability of some players astounds me and I can guarantee you that all of those above that I mentioned have ran into clans/groups that will do nothing but talk trash in a pre game lobby with the obligitory "We are going to make you guys rage quit", or "go ahead and back out now", etc. What usually happens is that by the mid way point in the match we have a VERY comfortable lead and we start using things such as shotguns and pistols only and making THEM rage and get mad.


                Of course after the match ends WE get called scrubs, noobs, losers, etc. yet what they fail to realize is that WE asapted our tactics to overcome "better" players (stat wise).


                My definition of a noob or poor player is "Those that cannot adapt their tactics to the situation at hand". This is usually one of the following, getting a kill from a defensive position and having them come RIGHT BACK TO THE SAME SPOT 5 TIMES IN A ROW TO GET KILLED AGAIN, People playing modes such as HCKC with a sniper and laying in the far back corners of the map and not collecting tags while going 20-2 with ZERO confirms and losing the game by 3-4 tags. Of course there are MANY other things, but this is a few.


                I just wish that some of these players would actually take the time and slow down a little bit and play a little more tactically and see a huge difference as to just how easy of a target they can be sometimes to a player that is patrolling an area.

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                  5. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

                  Yes you're right, people do take this game too seriously.


                  As far as your comments about "I get out of breath watching you twitchers..." - Dude, you're 50, that's not old to the point where you have to start camping it up because of your "old-timer" reflexes. Look, if you get a kick out of Aiming Down Sight and having someone come into your crosshairs so you can kill them, then cool. Just don't blame it on age, when you're only 50.


                  What does crack me up, is that your post comes off like you have life figured out and you're just letting the wisdom flow. (Like the sunscreen song) LOL! (You may not have meant it to come off like that at all. ...but it kind of does.)




                  Just remember, Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)



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                    6. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob



                    This is perhaps the best post on this entire forum. I too am an older gamer (47) raising kids, loving my wife and holding down a good job in sales. I've tried,mostly unsuccessfully, to express exactly your point. I do have my " how did that happen moments" as does everyone, but I DO NOT allow it to consume me. Nor do I try to blame the game or an overpowered weapon of some sort. I experience the occasional lag and bad lobbies, but I proudly finish that game, back out of that lobby and try another one. I've NEVER left a game early, well exept that time I just couldn't quite trust that it was actually a fart.


                    Kudos to you for so elequantly expressing what some of us other old timers have been trying to say.


                    Happy Gaming and if you hear a gun shot ringing out 10 feet away from you by that said Laundry Mat it most likely might be my old, no fart trusting butt setting up my Coleman Lantern in my camping spot. Excuse me....my strategic objective area holding spot. :-)

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                      7. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

                      What a great post. It is also good to see so many other posters in my demographic. I knew a few were up there with us. I'm 37 and am in administration in a healthcare facility. Life in general only spares me with enough time to get in a few hours a week of gaming.


                      I never understood the ragers. I play to unwind, relax. To each their own, I guess.


                      I am enjoying the heck out of this game. Never had all the issues some seam to. Hope you become a regular member.

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                        8. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

                        Nice post. I have pretty much the same thoughts. No i'm not old, I'm only 21. But the majority of the time I end up in a lobby with a bunch of tweens and I feel like I'm in high school again.


                        Only thing is you came across kind of condescending. "Whipper snappers"? My father has 7 years on you and he doesn't talk like that. You could have gotten your point across without coming across as the all knowing. But other than that nicely done. I try to say the same things as you in the lobby and I just get a bunch of, "go back to the kitchen".

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                          9. Re: Lessons from a 50-yr-old CoD Noob

                          Great post here.  But I think you got it wrong a little.  Just like I told a guy the other day,  and it got him pissed and cursing,  I dont camp,  I patrol a very small area.

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