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    Ok, I don't know what is going on but I really need some advice...

      So, I was playing Black Ops 2 at my friends house and so I decided to sign on his playstation to level up my account while I was there. It was a sleepover type of thing we were doing and overnight my game just changed and now things are just plain weird... Does a NINTH PRESTIGE CROSBOW sound normal? Or a ELEVENTH PRESTIGE ASSAULT SHEILD?? My scorestreaks are messed up too, I can put on three differen't streaks and then I would get two of the same streak and the middle streak I put on. I have also lost some of my callsigns and gained Emblems I didn't even earn yet! And what really made me mad out of everything is that I lost my gold KSG, SMAW, and RPG, and my classes I used prestige unlocks for and them tokens you get every time you level up. This has been going on for three weeks now and I was really hoping for it to change but its not getting better or worse.. Anybody else have the same problem or something similar to this? I would really like some help getting my stuff back and loosing them things I didn't even earn, I would like to do this all on my own and have fun playing the game without knowing that my game is rigged.