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    Blood Thirsty Error

      Yet again, another Blood Thirsty error.  See video below.... this is getting ridiculous



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          Re: Blood Thirsty Error

          I just got a Blood Thirsty for: 


          1) Ballista Sniper kill 

          2) Ballista Sniper kill

          3) picked up an enemy PDW57 (1 kill)

          4) Ballista Sniper kill

          5) Stole an Enemy Lightning Strike care package (2 kills)

          6) Ballista Sniper kill

          7) Ballista Sniper kill


          Then i got killed..... 

          So Ai-Silentshot  i think you are incorrect.


          I wish a Developer would respond, or someone that knows FOR SURE how the BloodThirsty for skull camo works.....

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            Re: Blood Thirsty Error

            Looks like you're playing Domination.

            Basically what the game does is reset the bloodthirsty counter when you go into the next round.


            If you get 3 kills in the first half without dying, and the other 2 kills in the second half, they won't count. I've had this happen to me multiple times. You must get the 5 kills in the same round and life.


            I know this is weird, since scorestreaks etc. don't reset. But this is what I noticed.

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              Re: Blood Thirsty Error

              Im 99% sure it works this way: you don't actually need the bloodthirsty medal, you need a 5 kill streak with this gun. You can mix other kills in, it doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with the bloodthirsty counter. Round finish does reset the counter.


              Examples: (you want gold dsr)

              dsr kill

              dsr kill

              dsr kill

              betty kill

              Lightning Strike kill x2

              Kap-40 kill (You get Bloodthirsty medal, but does not count towards skull-camo challenge, this count is at 3)

              dsr kill

              dsr kill (counts for camo, 5streak with dsr)


              Things i found out:

              A 10 streak does not count twice.

              Domination round end resets gun streak counter for skull camo challenge (but not for bloodthirsty and higher medals).


              I'm pretty sure demolition round finish does reset too. Not sure about SnD, but thats generally not a good gamemode for camo challenges.


              Read the Skull-Camo challenge as "Get 5 or more kills with the gun in a single life 10 times".


              Source: I have completed all (yes ALL) camo challenges.

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                Re: Blood Thirsty Error

                i have got 6 gun kills with my XR-2 at the beginning of latch and it still didn't count!! Smh I didn't use any score streak or specialist

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