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    BloodThirsty Error

      I've been trying to get my Diamond Camo's for all my sniper rifles.  I started this game with 6/10 BloodThirsty's.  I got 2 kills with the sniper, a third with a claymore and 3 more sniper kills.  I even got my killstreak to the Counter UAV (600 scorestreak points) yet i didn't get credit for the Thirsty. At the end of the game I still had 6/10 when i checked my Camo's.  Is this an issue that can be resolved?  Here's video proof of the BloodThirsty......




      It's hard to get 5 kills (for me    ) with a sniper rifle.

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          Re: BloodThirsty Error

          I think you actually need to get ALL the kills from w/e weapon you're going for in a row. So since you got the claymore in between, it "reset" so it only counted 3/5 kills.


          I may be wrong about this and I've had trouble with this before but I tried using ONLY the weapon I was going for and it worked for me.

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