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        40. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

        I know I get disconnected every game after the patch...before it worked pretty good.

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          41. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!


          1500 for cable connection

          1492 for PPPoE (ADSL)


          That is the optimal Other thing is what your ISP is using or if changing the MTU causes packet fragmentation and more lag, and the lag compensation benefits you.

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            42. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

            A couple of advices.

            Forget about DMZ, UPnP and the big list of ports to be forwarded.


            You only need to forward 3074 UDP to have  open nat. That is the only port you need.


            Sometimes even with that you have moderate connection. Some routers dont forward the port correctly to your PS3 because it has a static IP and that IP is not in the DCHP router list,


            So set the PS3 to have the IP automatic, and bound in your router the MAC address of your PS3 to the IP you want to forward the 3074 port. In your router you should have the option to set static IP to some devices.


            Anyway there is little you can do with your connection. Your game expericne depends more in the other players connection than in your connection.

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              43. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

              A strange thing. The day 1.0.7 was released, myself and friends I was playing with had the best connections and hit detection since the game was released we were going 70-10 in hckc all night. The next day it was like playing a different game. Since the day after patch it seems to get worse each day now.

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                44. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                Wrong, the totall amount for cable connection is 1500 so you need to set your mtu to 1472 because the header needs 28......

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                  45. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                  When we have an answer? when this error will be fixed?

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                    46. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                    My game gets a bit worse with each successive patch. It's painfully obvious that they are gradually swinging the advantage in one direction for some inexplicable reason. It's definitely depressing to know that you're incredibly unlucky enough to be among the minute number of players that are being sacrificed for the supposed betterment of the masses.

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                      47. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                      What type of speeds/connection do you have roc23. Just curious having the same experience and am always wondering if it has do with our speeds being to "good" or are there that many people with crap connections screwing it up for the rest of us?

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                        48. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                        got the 1.07 patchi played for four hours and every match i joined, except for one single one (where i went 17-5) , lagged so bad with a red bar connection, then went and played mw3 and it was fine, went back to bo2 and i just couldnt stand it, COME ON NOW, TREYARCH

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                          49. Re: 1.07 Lag is terrible!

                          I would tend to agree that Lag is horrible right now. I am not sure that this is was due to the patch or the new maps. I played with my buddy who has only the old maps and there seemed to be very little lag on my end. However, with the new maps I cannot get a kill I am behind everyone on the opponents team. I shot this guy 4 times up close with the peacemaker and he turned around a one shotted me .... just horrible

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