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    I really like Blackops 2

      So... there is alot of threads about "dont buy this COD", "get a refund", "worst COD ever" etc etc.


      Well, im sorry your dissapointed, I truly am...


      I love this COD, reason why? because I can adapt.


      Now your thinking "he can adapt"?


      There are so may threads about nerfing this and that.


      The lightning strike was nerfed because it was too fast, the clue is in the name.....


      The bettys were nerfed because you were getting killed by them.....


      The shotguns were nerfed because they killed you...I dont care about distance, just dont put yourself in that position....


      The list is near endless.


      Lag - okay I suppose it exists in some form, I personally, am rarely affected by this.


      I can adapt. You say the maps are too small, SMG's are king, assault rifles are different. Well guess what? I adapted. Instead fo running around, I flanked, checked my corners, and out of my 25k kills, 20k are will Assault rifles.


      You complained about "campers" using ghost, so they changed the rules, then you complained about UAV spam, I adapted, I started carrying a launcher which I never used to.


      In my eyes, and If this gets me flamed, I dont care, but "YOU" - the people who ***** and complained have made this game "terrible" in your eyes, because you complained too much.


      Instead of execting a game to change to suit YOU - adapt and learn something new, you never know, you may suprise yourself.


      I love the innovation in this game, the map design, the weapon, the pick 10, the new zombie modes, it keeps the game fresh.

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          Re: I really like Blackops 2

          once you figured out how people can adapt to the BS lagg im all ears.


          an online game falls or stands with good connectivity and this game is the worst in the series not counting COD 1 to 3.


          i will keep complaing about the BS lagg and the messed up aim assist till they at least fix what IMO is a serious issue.


          Also have you ever considerd that alot of people complain about nerfing this or nerfing that because they think its that said things OP-ness but havent realised it might be the connection that makes them feel that way.


          I mean if i die by a lightning strike and when i respawn i hear a lightning strike is incomming , its pretty clear something is messed up wont you say


          Or when i get shot by an RPG i die even when i use a flakjacket but when i do the same  i get killed and that ****** did not even have perks equipped


          Or someone kills you with a shotgun from a mile away but when you use the same shotgun up close you could get  3 hitmarkers and still no kill

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              Re: I really like Blackops 2

              See, I very rarley get lag on my games, only real time this ever happened badly was when we were partied up with some americans across the pond back in MW3.


              "Also have you ever considerd that alot of people complain about nerfing this or nerfing that because they think its that said things OP-ness but havent realised it might be the connection that makes them feel that way."
              Nice point - never thought of that - Alot of your points seem to relate to lag. That is a part of some peoples "issues".
              Unfortunatley,  I cant solve your lag, but I could offer you a free cookie? (best I can do lol )
              For the people who make accounts to moan that they got killed by something, I have free tampons, please leave your name, address, and postcode below.

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                Re: I really like Blackops 2


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                Re: I really like Blackops 2

                I've never asked for a buff or nerf. I've never asked for specific features to be removed, like second chance, support streaks, etc. to me these are secondary. All I want is smooth consistent gameplay. If that means removing things, so be it, I don't really care what gets taken away.


                There is no point having stats that are broken, no point having streak rewards that don't always work, no point in perks that appear to work for some but not others, no point in theatre if it doesn't function as intended. I could go on.


                The only thing that matters is the experience. If its poor then people stop playing, and/or start moaning. For me the one thing that is critical for a decent experience, matchmaking. Get that right and a lot of issues disappear straight away. Once matchmaking is solved, look at lag compensation, this will remove more of any remaining issues. Then you can start looking at features and decide if they work properly and add any value to the whole experience.


                Trouble is developers go about all this arse about face. Continually 'tweaking' things that make no real improvement. Until matchmaking is significantly improved nothing else will change. We will all still have an inconsistent experience and continue to moan about it.

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                  Re: I really like Blackops 2

                  It is by far the most playable therefore most enjoyable COD for me since MW2, i don't have the consistant chronic lag issues that i had in almost every single game like i had in  BO1 and MW3. Apart from yesterday when every second lobby was full full of french and lagged like a pig..


                  I have already clocked up more game time in this title than in the two previous games.


                  Every time i see a nerf this or this is overpowered i think to myself here we go again, get ready for the next patch or nerf fest as they seem to be now, if they keep nerfing stuff by the the summer we will be shooting bubbles at each other. Either adapt to the game or die, if you can't adapt don't play.


                  Stop listening to the crybabies, fix the matchmaking to keep all the people that are gimping along on sub par connections together and while you are at it give us an option to disable theatre mode and elite.


                  But i seriously doubt that anything will really be done to fix the core issues that the game has because the developers are to busy listening to the tweenies/youtubers and mlg players whose needs seem to outweigh the vast majority of the communities..


                  Happy gaming.....

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                    Re: I really like Blackops 2

                    Oh, you did not read my thread several weeks ago - when I told everybody: "I love BO2" and

                    "Give them (3Arch) a little time to fix..."...


                    Dude, let me tell you: Yes, you can love/like BO2 - we all do because we all stay playing it every day/week/weekend...but:


                    We are no fools who accept that this game still has serious technical issues you can not adapt!!!


                    LAG is nothing you can adapt - because it makes the game unplayable sometimes (I suppose this is something most "less skilled" or Noob Players don´t even realize).


                    Weapons, Scorestreaks and Perks are pretty much "ok" now - except the lethal! range of "Shotguns"...


                    Maps are all ok or even lovely/great...graphics and sound too...but matchmaking isn´t!!


                    Dude, this game is not "the mother of all FPS" and it´s not crap at all - but "adapting" it is all we do every day...or leaving it because of it´s bugs, failures, hacks,....


                    Got that, dude?!

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                      Re: I really like Blackops 2

                      I'm loving it. I don't get bad lag or anything either.


                      It's a shame that so many people do because if they didn't they would sit back and maybe realise it is one of the best FPS ever made.


                      As for the Buff/Nerf threads, if you are on here often you will have seen my name pop in these forums basically handing out free tampons like you have offered earlier!!


                      Can't stand them.


                      Take the lag issue away, which is impossible for people who have it I know, my God do I know, and this is a great game!

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                        Re: I really like Blackops 2

                        My favorite part is you saying that you love this game because you "adapt", then turn around and say   "I personally, am rarely affected by this." (Lag).


                        If you are not affected by the problems of this game, fine. But don't think you can come on the forum and sweep everyone's concerns under the rug because you

                        "really like Blackops 2"

                        You have basically slapped the people in the face that got shafted by TA and told all of us with problems that we should "adapt" as you have (even though you express that you very rarely suffer from what kills this game for a lot of people.)


                        It would of been one thing to write that you like this game because etc. etc. etc.

                        Instead you chose to tell us what you think others are doing wrong.


                        Nice post, maybe next time you can make a constructive one.

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                          Re: I really like Blackops 2

                          to the OP: You can "adapt" to a lot in the game, agreed. 


                          But you cannot adapt to someone shooting you in the face, when on your screen, he is not there (I am not kidding) - for me this happened more times on MW3, but still happens now.


                          Sometimes the matchmaking is so bad that I am in a lobby I never should be in, and I am falling over dead for no reason. I watch the kill cam and someone who I never saw walked up to me and knifed me. I cannot count the number of times I am sure someone is coming from a direction, I watch and wait, and nothing... then I get shot from someone from somewhere in the direction I was watching, because he got there without the information getting to me.


                          Adapt to poor matchmaking? I think not (and yes, my search is on best.. textures are installed.. and grade A Internet from speedtest/pingtest (which does not mean a lot when you get matched to someone on the other side of the country). Great your experience is wonderful, I wish that on everyone.  Try to remember that not everyone has your experience; a simple scan through the most popular threads should give you a clue that when enough people are having a similar issue, the issue has some validity.


                          (and yeah, this is my fav COD... but also likely my last)

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                              Re: I really like Blackops 2

                              Yea I can't adapt to lag, you are 110% correct there.


                              But lag asdie for the moment, I am trying to focus on other areas which people moan, one I saw yesterday was saying that hipfire was overpowered!! <- WTF

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                                  Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                  yes that is way out there.


                                  The only time I have ever "complained" about a gun being overpowered, was MW2s 1887s.


                                  BO1 was my fav COD until BO2 came out. And no, I am not a 3ARC fanboy as I still stand by:


                                  - BO1 was often unplayable

                                  - I HATED W@W


                                  If we had < MW2 connections with BO2 innovations + the best maps of all CODs (But I would settle with just BO2 maps)... that would be the wettest dream ever.

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                                    Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                    hip fire is related to aim-assist.


                                    aim assist is ridiculously high in this game as seen by how easy QS is and if you pay attention to the laser sight then you will see that the moment you press fire , your laser will automaticially  lock on to the target.


                                    hip fire used to require a certain amount of aming but as of now its just fire away and the game will take care of the rest lol.



                                    i do believe they put it this high as the expected the lagg issues and one could imagine how more people would rage if it was harder to kill someone lol.

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                                  Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                  Its good to enjoy the game, that should be everyone's main concern. Is this game fun, if it is not stop playing the game.


                                  Good post

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                                    Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                    just finished a few games,and in my lobby was a bloke (sounded older than the kids I hear moan ),and all he did was moan about his team mates,the opposition,and campers. I just thought why bother ? its only a game and its enjoyable. if your going to just moan through every game you play, play something you do like.

                                    yes the game has problems but if you look at the amount of people playing the lag is not to bad most of the time.

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                                      Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                      Can I like some things about it, and hate other things about it at the same time?


                                      It's playable, that's it. Best COD ever, but it didn't take much to do that.


                                      Every COD sucks compared to...


                                      MAG, SOCOM, RESISTANCE, GTA.

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                                        Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                        I am loving this game to. Yes I get lag, yes I get hit detection, yes some of my games get ruined from boosters etc. But I am not the only one this happens to. There are countless others this happens to but they get on with it and enjoy it.


                                        Of course it is annoying when on my screen I am around the corner but when I see my killcam on the other persons screen I am about 3 steps from being around the corner. But that is nothing I can fix. That is something I have to deal with.


                                        Love the maps, pick 10 system, the ghost change, most of the weapons, removal of last stand etc

                                        If the lag wasn't there then I guarantee people would love this game. And no weapon would be OP. Most the time people cry about a weapon being OP is actually them getting killed while on the wrong side of lag. They think they fired about 20 bullets while they say the enemy only fired few bullets. But that is the lag


                                        Overall, yes I do really like this game

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                                          Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                          For me MW3 runs much better. Black Ops II was great from about the third week up to the first week of January. After that each match was just plain awful and it hasn't been the same since

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                                            Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                            Well said sir.

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                                              Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                              I love this game also but it definately gets old when people roll in and are cheating, booting, lag switching or whatever...but I play on and never back out....

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                                                Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                                Love this post!


                                                I do lag at times but I still really enjoy the game.

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                                                  Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                                  I'm liking Black Ops 2 - it's by far Treyarchs best effort to date on the PS3 - for me it runs very smooth, none of the stuttering and framerate issues that plagued Black Ops 1.


                                                  But I'm still a Modern Warfare fan at heart.

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                                                    Re: I really like Blackops 2

                                                    i love the game this is by far the longest iv stuck with a cod game in a few years.


                                                    but there are certain things that have stopped me playing mainly the last patch ... my lag issue is back and its been so much worse since the map pack released.


                                                    the last few days my missus has been busy but iv not played instead iv sat infront of the computer on here just waiting for .... nothing i guess. i want to get back to playing but i cant see any point when im on the bad side of lag.


                                                    if and when they sort out MM il be on atleast a few hours every day and as others have said most of if not all other problems go away with the main issue of MM.


                                                    i wana add a few ppl off here but last time i did that we both lagged like crazy in every lobby we tried, we were constantly broken up and a few times put on opposite teams.

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