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    The most recently discovered Species known as campers.

      today i would like to talk about campers, first the many breeds of campers

      1st. the spawn camper, yes we all know who they are and how they ruin the game for us. if your a legit player, then you probably wonder how to get rid of them, the answer is, kill them.

      2nd. the SMG camper, this is one of the worst campers there are, they are nothing but cowards, noobs, and retards. stun them with a concussion or flashbang, then kill them.

      3rd. Snipers, these i dont have a problem with unless they quickscope, if they want to kill in close quarters combat, they could just use a shotgun. these are more difficult to kill unless you get behind them, which is difficult at certain maps like carrier or aftermath.

      4th. shotgun campers, these are just like smg campers except they can kill you in one hit.

      now we we talk about their origin

      they originate in a far away land known as the jersey shore, the city that failed to capture the peaceful town of south park(i think thats the name) but then the terrorist came and helped south park, now, people from the jersey shore stay inside when playing video games(camp), and never use the swarm scorestreak.

      finally their weakness