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        You're talking about real life? Let's bring that to your point about pistols not being OP, do you see people in wars using pistols no, you want to know the reason for that? Because they'd be slaughtered theres absolutey no way in a straight up gun fight a pistol ever beats a fully automatic SMG AR or LMG, and to continue with your real life point do you see anybody in wars running around with knives? No because that's idiotic bringing a gun to a knife fight only works in COD , as much as we complain about COD they're going to do absolutely nothing to change it, although I would love to see it become more realistic, like people slow down when you shoot them and they have a knife in their hands instead of speeding up, but it will never happen, pistols are most definitely Op but we're just going to have to live with it until MW4 comes out which, hopefully, is much better than BO2 

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          Especially the ballistic knives, how you speed up when people are shooting at you, pisses me off so much sometimes

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            Hey man, war is hell we need those cigs.

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              what about those bullets?!!!


              Now THEY are overpowered.

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                It seems like almost everyone is using those nowadays.

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                  what you say is correct.


                  but it also assist you when you are going to ADS.

                  The moment you ADS you will already be pretty much on target and the moving of your sight further helps out.


                  also hipfiring will get alot of assist and just look at the laser sight.

                  the moment you press fire it will lock on to the target.

                  it doesent really require any additional aiming by the user lol.


                  turning it off will really turn up the difficulty especially with all the connection issues.

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                    Sounds like a lot of people who need to remember not to ADS in CQC. For those who like to quote IRL situations (which is ridiculous in itself) a soldier wouldn't raise the sights to his eye to spray down an enemy 30 feet away. Hell, if you look at clips of the Afghan Army, they don't ADS for an enemy 300 feet away!


                    If you started hip-firing and getting kills I'm sure you'd stop saying it was OP.


                    I've never been hip-fired across the map and the laser sight doesn't cause aim to lock on so it's weird to see that posted.

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                      Once again, the most OP thing in this game is by far the Lag Comp. Whether they realize it or not, there's a portion of BO2 players out there that owe pretty much all their success to the the Lag Comp advantage, not some OP weapon. You'll usually hear these guys saying thing like: "Man, I've never really had much luck with FPS games, but for some reason BO2 just likes me".


                      LOL! No, that just means the Lag Comp like you.

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                        Ha! It's obvious when you are on the right side of the lag comp or whatever it is.


                        I always feel slightly guilty when I blatantly win a gunfight I had no right to win!

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                          You're one of the few willing to admit that it might have a positive effect on their game. Respect: You have mine. I like to think that I can hold my own, but in truth there is just no possible way for me to gauge my skill because I'm everything from absolutely "unbeatable" to "the worst ever" as a result of the wild lag swings that SOME of us are plagued with.