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      I'm constantly seeing all of these videos on YouTube of hackers on BO2 on all game consoles with nothing being done about it


      I don't know if I have come across it, it's probably pretty hard to distinguish a good player from a hacker if theyre discreet


      But my two main questions are: Why hack? And why arent Treyarch caring?


      Whilst I agree that Treyarch may have their mind focused on other debugging issues, but these hackers need to be stopped


      To all the BO2 hackers out there -


      1. Hacking a game for a better K/D doesnt mean you've earned your stats

      2. It's no fun and nobody will want to play in a lobby with you

      3. You have to lose and rack up deaths to learn by your mistakes and be a better player

      4. You're not an 'elite' or 'l33t' hacker - you downloaded something which somebody else wrote that allowed you to hack the game. I don't buy tyres from halfords and claim I invented the wheel

      5. Your accounts should be permanently banned.


      Just remember, if you think you're the better player by hacking you're not, sort your life out!

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          Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

          I don't think that they will care lol. Knowing most people online, they don't care what you call them or tell them and they never will.

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              Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

              ... and what difference does it make to you personally? (not you wiseguy, meant tp post OP)  As long as they don't screw up the game for me, let 'em hack and then come here to whine they got busted, it's all fun

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                Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                That's True. I know they won't listen. I never intended this post to stop all game hackers (or change the world...wtf??), So the sarcastic comment from SanAndreaPsycho is void.


                I'm talking more to Treyarch to stop this happening


                And the idea of "Let them hack as long as they don't screw up the game for me" is wrong. They are screwing with the game for us.


                1. If too many people are hacking the game and Treyarch shuts the game down offline for a few weeks to re-assess it's security in online gaming then a lot of people are going to be on these forums moaning about the game being closed down (Not to say that it will, Treyarch are probably making a heck of a lot of money from this game)


                2. When they're glitching/hacking and flying around the map, then they're gonna screw up my stats and other players.

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                Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                I'm pretty sure all hackers from around the world will now stop because of this post. Nice job, you changed the world.

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                  Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                  I can understand him



                  I've seen allot of hackers / cheaters  / glitchers / aimbotters.


                  You don't need even to jailbreak your ps3 to get an aimbot.

                  Sad , i having fun 2 months ago , but now pff.


                  You can call me a whiner or whatever , but seems to be more people hack in this game.

                  It's not only on the ps3 , xbox 360 has allot of hackers 2.

                  We got now the trophy system glitch , you can get a swarm in 5 sec over and over again.

                  Lets see you like it if you run in those lobby's .  Was playing a match today , what we got again ? Jup a lag switcher. I can't play 5 matches in a row without having a glitcher / hacker / cheater whatever we can call them. If we complain about this game , what we got ? Don't play it anymore , oke will you refund my 60 bucks + season pass ? Because there are more hackers in this game then legit players ?

                  Or do we need to do the same , and use aimbot and do all those hacks. Is this what you want guys ?

                  3arc need to fix those things , before everyone use hacks.

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                      Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                      How do you know they are hackers/lag switchers though?


                      I mean besides an AGR hovering overhead or something crazy like that?


                      And don't say because he went 60-0 or called in 2 swarms because that is possible without hacking. There are some beasts out there.


                      I was in a game where the enemy called in 4 VSATs in one round of Domination and a guy on my side was going nuts calling them hackers and all that shizzle but I was just thinking, 'Yeah, they probably did do it legit but you are just butthurt and lashing out'.


                      They could have been hacking though which is why I'm interested in finding out how you can ID a hacker/lag switcher so positively.

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                          Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                          Yeah, I'm always amazed at the geniuses that accuse a player of "lag switching" when the game is running silky smooth for myself.

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                            Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                            I agree it's hard to distinguish between legit players and hackers sometimes. I've been in one game where i've seen the other team rage quit


                            I also recently played the new 'Mirage' map which I wasn't great on, But my team won. I didn't capture any flags, I just got my SMG and done the run n gun gameplay where I was just causing havoc for the other team by flanking them with extreme conditioning and lightweight but at the end of the game they called us all cheaters. I've rage quit plenty of times and I know theres thousands of better players than me


                            But if I see a guy flying or space hopping across the map then i'd definitly report them cause it ruins the game for people trying to play legitimatly.


                            I mean, do hackers really think it's fun for the people being blown up by lodestars and warthogs every second they respawn?? It's boring and annoying. Just check out the Trophy System Glitch from this video from the other forum post - http://community.callofduty.com/message/414170879#414170879


                            That one simple glitch is devasting by itself, Let alone others like god mode etc


                            Can't Treyarch just have a seperate server for hackers so they can all hack each other and realise how boring it is when they realise they can't kill each other

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                                Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                                I played my first match yesterday with the other team doing the trophy system glitch or hack.It was hardpoint on downhill,and our team couldn't deploy a tac insert throw a frag or emp or anything.I reported them all.As soon as you pulled your tac out of your pocket it was destroyed anywhere on the map.

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                              Re: I HATE GAME HACKERS!

                              I dont see what you guys are talking about. i dont see hackers.. yes i see PM glitchers, but I have never seen an Aim boter ( on PS3) im sure there is a modded controller at least 1 in about every game, and I have seen players throttle their connection. but i havent seen a lag switch, that ive noticed anyway..


                              I have seen these videos though on youtube and i know that they exist.. but it is few and far between

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