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      How the **** do people play without this perk and do well? I was recently doing the camo challenges for the Peacekeeper to get it diamond, And I forgot how difficult it was to get kills without toughness. Also anyone know any good perk/attachment setups for a Peacekeeper rushing class?

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          Silencer , extend clip , rapid fire. This works for me verry good ! You don't gonna get a better rushing setup as this.


          For perks



          perk 1 , your choise

          perk 2 toughness !

          perk 3 your choise

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            I stopped using toughness awhile ago, then started again, then stopped again. Doesn't seem to make much difference with the MP7. I think the slower weapons need it more because they need every shot to count.

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              Toughness is the only perk that I absolutely could not live without, primarily because I use the AN94 and the flinch is truly massive without it.

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                Toughness for some weapons is an absolute must.  The slower fire weapons need it because you are likely being shot at and hit while you are shooting in a lot of situations.  The flinch on the slower fire weapon class will basically leave you dead versus the faster shooting guns you run up against.  Some classes, toughness is a waste of a slot.