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        30. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

        The problem your having is the one-shot-kill. If a player uses a sniper or shotgun and is quick and accurate, you're done. Its not overpowered, its effective and deadly.

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          31. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

          I have been playing a lot of League Play it is overwelming the amount of people using it.

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            32. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

            LMGs are not meant for CQC and nor are sniper rifles so that's redundant.

            Quickdraw is a relatively minor attachment because it benefits other weapon types more.  I forget the exact time it takes off to ADS but it wasn't much.

            How many natural vantage points do heavy gunners have when operating LMGs with the possibility of going prone?  I use up more perks and attachments when using LMGs, because I need them, than I do when sniping.

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              33. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

              I'm kinda amused that league play doesn't mimic the rules in Game Battles, because if it did, this attachment would be banned.  But then a lot of things are from what I've heard.  In my lobbies I don't find it much but may be I'm lucky.  I do think I've been killed by more auto FAL users with the TF than LMGs, judging by how often I'm killed with each weapon and I do recognise the sound of LMGs when I see my "deathcam".  If I don't recognise it then there's a good chance it's an AR etc.

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                34. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                MLG settings still allow TF and MMS, for what ever reason.  LOL.  That is what the Comp League is based off of.

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                  35. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                  The QBB is kinda different than all the other LMGs, I would agree that it is not good for taking on a sniper but thats not what its for.


                  The lack of fast mags isn't a huge problem 100-135 rounds without reload is more than balanced.


                  The damage dropoff at range is not so significant as you would think


                  the MK48 drops to a 4shot kill @ 88M thats longer than every sightline in the game.


                  LSAT is a 4shot kill @ 31M, thats still longer than most sightlines.


                  HMAR is a 4shot kill @31M again


                  obviously LMGs can't replace snipers but they are still very good at long range


                  An SVU Vs any of the above LMG's with V-Zoom/Dual Band will still be at a dis-advantage if only because it has idle sway.


                  Either way I think we can both agree the SVU is not as Over Powered as KoRny1 states.

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                    36. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                    That's weird.  I did come across some 'competitive' scene website where TF and MMS are banned but I can't find it.  It also banned scorestreaks, Ghost, Flak Jacket, Bouncing Betties and Claymores (I think).

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                      37. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                      Most of the points I stated where more aimed at the FAL/SMR but do include the LMGs to a degree, the argument I replyed to states that the SVU is OP because it kills in 2 shots then when pointed to other 2 shot kill weapons claimed that a scope and no damage drop-off still make it OP, I feel that all the points mentioned by me still makes the FAL and the SMR better weapons than the SVU.

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                        38. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                        Oh I'm not necessarily saying the SVU is overpowered, just that I don't think sniping is the only form of engagement type that has been severely altered because of how the game has focused on mobility.  I'm more of an overwatch LMG user so going from MW3 to BO2 can be a learning curve, same with snipers and it's very dependent upon the maps and game type.  ARs and SMGs are basically "go to" weapons.


                        I kinda find the debates of overpowered/underpowered kinda useless due to how subjective it can be (people even differed to how overpowered One Man Army was in MW2 ), despite doing it myself.  But on the fast mags issue I guess it would be useful if running suppressed and with Ghost due to the long reload times.  I'd rather take a high powered AR though, like the SCAR may be.

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                          39. Re: Nerf those f*cking sniper rifles!

                          QwertyBoredom wrote:


                          The size of the maps in BO2 make view distance almost worthless

                          all these weapons have:

                          Higher ROF.

                          Better Hipfire performance.

                          Higher ammo capacity.

                          Better CQB abilities.

                          Iron Sight and other Optics for better map compatability.

                          The capability to have Quickdraw and Stock allowing for better Mobility.


                          The fact that the SVU has a scope (with adle sway) does not even come close to matching these, also whats it matter if the SVU can hit you with 2 rounds in rapid succession any other sniper rifle would have killed you with the first hit = fatser TTK anyway.


                          That is simply not true. The way the graphics are in this game causes players to blend into whatever they're standing next to if you're looking at them from more than ~100ft. This makes snipers harder(impossible) to spot when they are halfway across a map with only their head showing from behind cover(or even just standing next to an object the game will blend them into)


                          The sway from ADSing the SVU scope is so minimal I can't even believe you just tried to make a point out of it...it may as well be non-existant.

                          Other sniper rifles have one hit kill capability which only would have an advantage over the SVU if you assume that you are perfectly accurate. A one shot kill isn't a one shot kill if you miss, where as this isn't a problem with SVU since you can let loose 5 shots in less than a second... you're bound to get a couple hits.


                          FAL and SVU basically have the same RoF, but at range the SVU is clearly more accurate. It's easier to land 2 hits on someone far away with the SVU since tapping left/right on the joystick only moves the crosshair 1-2 ft. while ADS, where as tapping left/right at the same range ADSing an ACOG-FAL will move the crosshair ~5ft.

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