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    Hacks on the PS3?

      last night i was in a lobby where all of a sudden everyone started moving at high speed, with super high jumps. the other team was in god mode. and everyone was getting warped to areas where you shouldn't be able to get to. im going to put together as many complications of this i find. for now im finding all my footage from player x-SC58-x, although when i search call of duty for that player he don't show up but thats how i see it in my past player list.


      treyarch and activision really need to adress this hacking on the ps3 cause if this person has it im sure there is going to be hundreds if not thousands that are going to start using the hack. i for one am glad that i didn't get the season pass. i highly doubt ill be getting anymore dlc for black ops 2 if this continues.


      here is the first complication i got for this and ill be adding more once i put them together