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    Past maps


      I wonder which popular map from another COD game they will bring to Blops 2

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          Hopefully none.


          Gamers have payed Treyarch and Activision a vast amount of money for this game, they are making millions on millions and there's absolutely no way we should let them off by accepting old maps.

          We don't want something that's already been flogged to death, maps we've already played thousands of times before, do you think that the slightly different guns and slightly different scorestreak rewards of Blops2 will change them into something completely different?


          We want new maps that are interesting and innovative, we want something completely new and that has never been seen or done before and most of all we must have maps that are better than what we've had before, not just more that are as good.


          Don't let them get away with this, fobbing us off with old maps is just not good enough.

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              Well it's just a matter of opinion, I would pay for an old school map pack. Hitting master prestige in this game was too easy so anything to mix it up would be fun. They should offer more things for sale like camos, weapon attachments, and maps.

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              They should bring some out throwback maps, but give them to us for free. IW did it in MW3 with terminal.  Would be nice if Treyarch would follow suit. I would love to see Outskirts from WAW. Probably won't happen though. 

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                Wasteland and Overgrown. Larger maps which allowed gamers to play to the strengths of their class setup. Playing Dom I would use quicker classes to get hold of two flags - then switch up to a sniper class to hold the objectives. Larger maps would offer a good point of difference from the helter skelter nature of BO2 maps so far. Saying that - I'd love a couple of new larger maps which allowed for all play styles.

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                    But that's the opposite of Activision's plan for this game. They are obviously trying to turn it into the most fast paced / mindless run'n'gun first person shooter of all time.

                    Those of us that want a quality, well rounded game are hung out to dry, and the kids with short attention spans get all the fun.

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                    I miss Trailer Park, Salvage, Skid Row, Vacant, Derail, Favela, Rust, Scrapyard, Storm, Oasis, Parish, and Boardwalk, but I don't want to play the original games they came from.

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                      I really enjoy playing old maps in the new game. I wish they would bring more popular old maps back.

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                        The only map I would actually pay money to play again is China Town. Everything else should be offered for free seeing as how this franchise has netted hundreds of millions.

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                          eder dam

                          firing range




                          any of these brought up to date would be great fun

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                            I have a feeling Firing Range is going to be in the last map pack along with all the old zombie maps

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                              If they bring all the old maps back for free then im all for it BUT i pay for the season pass already not willing to pay more money.

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                                this has been poste SO many times before.


                                hopefully none as this is Black Ops 2 - its own game not a rehash of old games.


                                plus people will only complain that they want them for free and not be prepared to pay for them

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                                  Since I think this is the worst CoD to date, I would rather they added more old maps that I loved playing on, instead of adding new maps that I will most likely hate.

                                  I don't get tired of playing old maps like I guess a lot of people do.

                                  If it were up to me, Blops2 wouldn't even exist...I wish they would have just stayed with Blops1 and just kept adding new map pack after new map pack.

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                                    Favela! Please!