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    I reset my stats and have come to a conclusion

      conclusion is...


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      I reset my stats and lost about 30 ground war games in a row. at least ten of which were due to lost connection or so many migrations that it was just 5 people in the room so i backed out.


      The lag is so horrendous. no matter what i do im on the wrong end of it.


      The first few games or so were ok. my k/d was 2.6ish. yaay. my team got beat by almost double every game. but at least my score was near the top.

      nothing i can do about random teamates who camp in domination.


      Then im getting one shot killed everytime. after a few games of that i start get killed before %90 of the enemies come around the corner. watch the kill cam. guy had 3 sec to stand there aim his lmg and shoot me. all the while he has not registered in my screen yet.


      This continues for about an hour, i say ef it the games f'd ill try later. 5 hours later pick up the sticks. still going negative. cant get a kill. not because random little kids are too good. but because only 10% of my bullets are registering.


      It seems that every time they update. my connection gets worse and worse(as does everybody on my friendslist). it was barely playable before but i learned the maps and added about 50ms of latency to my connection. this helped my bullets register by about 40% but after last nights update i get efed everytime. its just rediculous.



      And if you say the killcams arent acurate.

      have you ever watched your own game winning killcam? looks pretty much like what you see. everybody sees what you see.

      Every watch youself get killed in the game winning killcam. its not what you saw. but what the person who killed you saw. its accurate to what happened in the other persons screen.


      Every one of my killcams are bogus. nothing close to what happened in my screen. just rediculous.