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    BO2 Bandwidth?


      there is a neat little feature that was recently pointed out to me by a Call Center dude, and it shows you how much speed you get to your U.


      if you go to options then look at the lower right hand corner you will see System Info with the button corresponding to your current control set up.


      i use Bravo controls so for me its 2.


      when i click 2, it shows a bevy of info relating to the console and the game.




      the thing i was wondering is how much speed people are getting to their Us.


      i use the official Nintendo USB Lan adapter so i am wired in.


      my Bandwidth is only getting 309 Kbps...which is pathetically low.


      which could be a huge factor in why lag comp / buffer bloat is killing me so badly.


      My speed is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY higher than what im gettin on the U.


      imma call Nintendo tomorrow and see wth is going on with the connect.

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          did you try doing this while you were in a match?

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            that might be the bandwith the wiiU is using at that time?

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                i called a Nintendo rep and actually found out that the Bandwidth is directly associated with the upload speed on your interenet.


                not sure why its affecting so many people on BO2, when WAW - MW3 were fine they way they were.

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                I checked my speed on the wii by going to the wii internet channel , then to sppedtest.net to chect to see what I was getting on it , cause ZI get 15 meg use from my ISP.. I get just over 15 on my PC/Laptop but only get 3.65/.34 with a ping of 45ms ping on my Wii.. Shouldnt I get the same or is that all that is capeable of receiving or operating with or what ever it does ... (sorry me not so tech savy) Just wondering if its the same for the U and yours..???

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                  Whats this usb lan adapter your talking about?  can't you just plug an ethernet cable into your wii and your router?

                       On my ps3 i get the same problem i never get the true speed or bandwidth... As far as speedtest goes thats not really an accurate measurement of what your ping is because it picks the closest host by default which could be 50 miles down the road from you. In COD you have to connect to whoever is the host and they could be on the other side of the country so your ping could go up signicantly.

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                    king, what is your "speed", and I use that term loosely here as it fluctuates ALL the time based on your ISP when you use wireless on your wii u? 


                    The same?




                    THis might help me diagnose the issue.

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                        I noticed this lately - I read somewhere that UpNP isnt compatible with the old Wii - now ages ago I learned that if my UpNp on my router was turned ON, which everyone advised to have on, as it helps with online gaming, my nat type is strict. But when I turn UpNp OFF, I get moderate nat type and have no problems. I just thought it was maybe my internet causing the problems, but then I played xbox, and my nat type is open! Same router, same speeds, completely diff nat type - explain that one

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                          6 down and 1 up


                          4 years on the Wii and no problem ever like this.


                          first 2 weeks on the U, and its horrible.


                          Wii was in the DMZ


                          U is in the DMZ


                          all ports are opened.


                          im at a loss.

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                              forgive me, but your nat type is open correct (you mentioned it's in a DMZ)?


                              and there are no Quality of Service settings on your router that are enabled right?  Such as throttling your connection (although this would have more to do with bandwidth, not latency).


                              I'm trying to help, but it's extremely difficult without me being there to run networking tools on your network. 

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                            I upgraded my Internet from 10/1 to 100/10 down/up and that changed the bandwidth in my WiiU from 776 to 2766 Kbps. Speedtest in my iPad give me about 30/10 down/up ping 20. I wonder why WiiU always give so much lower bandwidth?


                            Is there any test program that works in WiiU?

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                                i think there is...but youd have to find it through the interent browser...


                                OR................just thought of this..............load up the wii part of the U and check your ping through there...


                                not sure if that hold any truth to the U, but its worth a shot.

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                                    I've been using my phones hotspot to get in a few games while I have no internet. 3g, its 4g capable but I can't get signal. But anyway it switches between moderate and strict, anywhere from 300's, 400's up to 700 to 800's. Strangely my best games lag wise have been lower 300's with strict Nat? My bars are always at 3 yellow, if the lag gets too bad I will leave. I know that internet through my data connection via my phones WiFi hotspot is a god awful way to go, but what exactly is optimal, and what the hell do those bars even mean?

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                                  If you guys use WIFI I can highly recommend to test your routers wifi channels to see which is best. In my router it's from 1-13, 20 or 40 MHz and the difference can be hugh if you have lots of WIFI users in your neighborhood. On PC you can see what they use with a little program from http://www.wifichannelscanner.com/. Don't mind the %status, just check what channels they use and don't use any of them.


                                  I spent two hours testing them all and it was well spent time, the speed can drop a lot if you have use the same as others when the traffic is high. I could get 50 mb on one and 3 on another when I tested on my iMac (in PC mode).