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    Looking for people to expand my friendslist!

      I want to expand my friendslist!


      To sum it up, I did hit PM like 10 days ago and I played solo 95% of the time. My only goal was to reach PM and I got burned out. I did a stat reset right after getting the Primary Gun Master title. I used to care for stats and such, but now I just want to have a list of friends to play with, to enjoy and most importantly try to win the game.


      I resently started to send friend requests to people after a game ended. Few people accept, 2 people out of 10. I played with 1 of them for a few games and we won every game. His VSAT helped me getting mine and the cycle just continued.


      Just to know that I had a guy on my team that had the same intentions as me was a relief, making it easier for me to focus on my tasks and rely on him to do his and it worked out very well.


      I'm looking for more players like this, which knows what to do. I'm not a beast player, but I'm well rounded.


      I'm 22 years old, lives in Northern EU. If you want to play some games, post/pm me your psn or add me BoWie_Skruf.


      Note: Not interrested in immature 13-14 years olds yelling BS over the mic.