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        30. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

        I don't like campers, Quickscopers, snipers, rushers, shotguns, pistols, riot shields, AR's, SMG's, LMG's, launchers, nades, Betty's, crossbows, knives, axes.... Why can't everyone just roll with perks only, no weapons. We could turn this into a Mario game where we just race each other around the maps. By the way, a quick search of the forum threads will find someone complaining about every one of the things I mentioned in my first sentence. Unbelievable the things people complain about in a video game. Our economy is in shambles, unemployment is through the roof, inflation is kicking us all in the teeth and people are worried about campers in a video game.....REALLY?......REALLY?

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          31. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

          I love LMGs, and I reckon they are my personal fave to be honest, but the worst SR is easier to get kills with than the best LMG. These people who harp on about SRs being difficult to use should try a few games with a Riot Shield.

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            32. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

            Only BKs use Riot Shields.  JK.

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              33. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

              This generation of people must really suck if we care more about games than the economy. 

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                34. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers


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                  35. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers


                  First things first, hoplding down an area of the map is not camping, it is tactical gameplay.

                  Camping, IMO, is when someone sits in a corner of a map watching a very small portion of what is actually happening, and waits for someone run past once every 5 minutes.

                  This playstyle is no good for anyone, most of the time even the campers end up with low kill totals.



                  Sniping is fine, there are only 3 problems I find with sniping/

                  1, If you camp [see above]

                  2. If you run around the map using it as an Assault rifle.

                  it is not an Assault rifle.

                  3. If there are 5 players in your team sniping, and 4 of them are in the same room, watching the same window.



                  Quick Scopers;

                  Quick scoping is annoying.

                  It was initially an abuse of game mechanics, thankfully Black Ops 1 largely fixed this making it nigh on impossible to QS.

                  Then, for someone insane reason, 3Arc decided to do a u-turn and actually create snipers with mechanics specifially to be used by QS. Why??


                  If they had kept things as they were supposed to be, i.e sniper for sniping, QSers would simply be playing with normal guns, and normal tactics.

                  Instead they rely on a mechanic which is supposed to help someones aim a little, to bag them a kill.


                  Hardcore should be automatic no aim-assist, how many QSers would be playing it then?

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                    36. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

                    Has it ever occured to you some people might not like the ability to do it on grounds of weapon balance?  Having a gun that can 1HK at all ranges?

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                      37. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

                      Ok well for the peoole who complain. Ok do my job. Im a roofer try bein on a 80 foot house cleaning it and having to get to the top to strap in but the first 2 minutes up there your looking down at death. There is something to complain about. But complaining about quickscopers. People that worked on getting good  at it . But you guys deny it as skill even tho you cant do it. But label it cheap. I guess just getting kills in anyway in the game is cheap. I bet if it took 2  minutes to get a kill by throwing rocks at each other you will still say he cheated you when you die even tho you had two minutes to run away lol yeah lagis bad buti dont care aboutdying. But I can tell you this. Qs is not cheap when you worked on it.

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                        38. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

                        I rush and i camp depending on the map usually, Mostly camp though. why? First of all because i dont care what others think about campers. second because due to the spawn system here is better to hold your ground and have most of your team spawn where you are. If my whole team goes to the other side of the map i might get some enemy spawns right besides be or close but mostly my team keep respawning on my side so we know where we are and where they are.

                        what really is annoying is how much accuracy hip fire gives, hell at some point it was all SMGs now its even worse its handguns LOL.

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                          39. Re: Campers,Snipers,Quick scoopers

                          Well since there's no aim assist when QSing in BO.2 I would say ALL of them lol !

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