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    Getting really tired with people on Domination

      Is anyone else finding a lot of lobbies with people completely ignoring the objective on Domination today?  I've had at least three matches where it seems like I'm the only one trying to capture B while everyone else runs circles on the outside of the map.  Gets really frustrating when you have 5+ flag caps while everyone else has 1-2 and is just feeding the other team scorestreaks because they die so much.

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          Play something else or accept the reality of what's going on.. don't know what else to tell you. Obvious choices.

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            This is why I've switched to TDM. I tried playing objectives on Domination, but have come to the conclusion that the points are just bait for people playing like it's TDM. On TDM my KDR is up over 2  and my w/l ratio is 1.8x - no objectives, just kill enemies. TDM is also more pure in the fact that there's not some BS scorestreak up at all times, it's mostly gunfighting. The only drawback is that you don't get nearly as much XP as you do on objective games like domination.

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              Yep, that is why I also play games where I only need to think of myself and not worry about the objective...if I do get thrown into an ovjective based I watch how my team players are playing before I commit myself to the objective.  Maybe they should give a UAV to each player who captures a flag or increase the points for each flag capture.  Just my thoughts anyway.....

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                Yep. Played a game of Dom on Grind today and had 7 caps. 3 or 4 of them were solo caps. This is why I don't play objective gamemodes unless in a party.

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                  This is since the release , to many people watch 100+ gameplay's ^^

                  But it's true , don't win a match when i'm playing solo or with a clan buddy.

                  And thats not the biggest problem , me and my friend having a spm of 300 and K/D 1.15.

                  We putted in lobby's with people that have a spm above the 400.

                  Also , why to try to take a flag , full of aimbotters on this game.

                  Revolution cheat ops 2


                  Ive notice that and my other friends 2 , nobody can win a single gun fight or we get lag switched / or insta killed by a peacekeeper. No recoil at all , and kill easly 3 people with a 30 gun clip while we shooting with 3 on 1 person. Seems legit right. Don't know what happend in this game , seems to be they all sniping those day's. Some only care about there K/D and don't cap flags , i have sombody in my clan only run and gun but don't play the objective. Then he say's hey look at my k/D , dude look at my score For me is sombody good if he have a high spm. I can get a K/D of 2 thats easy , just headglitch and play defensive.

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                    If you play solo, avoid Domination at all costs,  You need atleast 2 to 3 people that you know to play Dom with you in order to do well and win most of the time. Playing solo DOM will get you to the point of breaking the game disc.


                    I have no idea what happened, but when the game first came out alot of people were helping capping flags and such, now it's like nobody cares anymore and will run by it not helping. I stopped playing DOM.

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                      I play DOM pretty much 100% of the time party or no party.  However, I'm about ready to give up.  I've played objective games since MW but for some reason, BO2 seems to have done the exact opposite of promoting objective play.  People aren't exactly playing the objective, but they are hanging around the objective since you still reap higher scorestreak rewards for killing attackers, defenders, capture kills, etc.  Players tend to just hang around the objective rather than actually capturing the objective to win.  They only care about their precious scorestreaks, not the team win or team objective.


                      The high end scorestreak rewards and youtube have basically ruined objective based team play IMO.


                      Merc Mode was ruined by making it Mosh Pit style and the only other option for solo play minus party is FFA which isn't the most fun to spend your time playing.  There needs to be some better playlists created for the solo players since parties are pretty much the only way to enjoy the current objective modes.

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                        i began giving up dom on mw2. i didnt buy mw3 and i wont buy anymore cod after bo2. i totally gave dom up in bo1. td or hardcore game mode other than hc dom. dom is for kd wh0res.  stats are the downfall of console fps gaming.

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                          I don't care about stats - I like to have fun.  With a full party domination is fun.  As a random in Dom. it is not. I find that I can lose to people who are worse than me at this game (which is pretty tough) because they roll as a team and play the objective. I end up getting frustrated because everyone on my team has like an over 1 KDR and 20-35 kills - but we lose - WTF?  Or even worse, you finally clear out the B flag and you think your team is going to hop on it, but no, they take off and go running to the spawn, and you die because they missed them, and all of a sudden there are 3 guys shooting at you...


                          Treyarch should give you an XP award/medal for dieing at the B flag, it doesn't have to be significant, but at least I would know by looking at a combat record if a random lobby is worth staying in.


                          FFA and HC TDM is what I play when I am by myself.  Or zombies...

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                            I used to play alot of DOM. It was my fav game mode. But I have taken a good break from it and from this post I think I will stay away lol. When I played, for the first month or so everything was good. But then I lost count of the games where I would be capping B and a teammate would literally run past me and not bother to help capping.


                            But, to make this worse the teammate would only be gone by the flag and then get killed lol. Then I am looking at the screen and it is about 1 second away from me capping it and I am like yes yes yes....... then BOOM, I get shot because of the wait of solo capping.


                            I also hate when in randoms, playing dom, you cap the home flag and B, so I am like ok I will patrol an area around B to protect it etc, then all of a sudden you hear that we are capping the other flag and we have the trip cap then and the spawns mess up. I have got the trip cap but that was with clan members. Going for the trip cap playing solo is totally stupid imo

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                              I play dom 100% of the time.  I have a positive KDR and WLR, and a SPM around 300.  Yesterday I played a match where I got 9 caps and we still lost.  Why?  Because I was the only one on my team playing the objective. 


                              For me the high end score streaks have ruined CoD objective games.  They need to remove them from these game types.  They also need to remove an overall KDR and WLR, and only show these for the game type.  Too many people use objective modes to boost their KDR then go back to TDM and make out they're some kind of beast.  It's all a bit pointless because no matter what your stats say, you're either good or not and that becomes obvious in a match itself.


                              You can tell who the kids are when the high score streaks get called in.  They are the ones who immediately leave the match, because they dont have the ability to stop and think.  Almost all the high end score streaks can be negated through having a class with blind eye, finding a building to hide in for the duration of the streak, or simply shooting them down.  One notable exception being dogs, but they are easy to kill and only last about 45 seconds.


                              Nothing is going to change though.  Kids at school are obsessed with statistics and love to boast about them in the playground.  The game may have adult ratings but we all know Activision and the developers are targetting kids.


                              I've used the term "kids" a lot and they are a big part of what is wrong with CoD IMO.  But there are also plenty of 20-25 year olds who also lack the brain capacity and maturity to be any good at this game as well.


                              Funny how a simple post can turn into a bit of a rant.  Sorry about that, hey ho.

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                                Up until BO2 I was pretty much exclusively a Dom player.  Since this game came out I've switched to almost all Ground War play, and it seems much better for a few reasons.  First & foremost, when Domination does come up in the lobby the sheer number of players tends to mean that you'll have at least a couple other players on your team who are capable of recognizing a flag and what to do with it.  You'll also pretty much always have at least a couple players who insist in screwing up the spawns, but with 8 teammates it's less likely to completely screw up the game for you.


                                I do play solo all the time, and I've definitely felt your frustration with being the only one on or near the B flag for an entire match.  On the flip side, though, I've had some of my most enjoyable gameplays (and highest scores) in lobbies where I was almost single-handedly capping & holding the flags and still managed to win, so it does cut both ways.  That's part of the reason I still prefer to play solo...while playing in a party would mean I'd win far more often, I just don't see the challenge in playing on a 6-man (or more) team against a bunch of randoms.  I mean, winning is great & all, but what did you really prove in a scenario like that?


                                There are still games, even in GW, where I see early on that I'm playing the objective by myself & the other team isn't made up completely of morons, so in those matches I just have to take a step back and accept that I'm almost certainly going to lose so I may as well just try to maximize my own score and have as much fun as possible.  And hey, like I said every so often I surprise myself and manage to pull out a win anyway, thus proving to myself and every neighbor within earshot that I am indeed a badass futhermocker.

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                                  malowry wrote:


                                  Is anyone else finding a lot of lobbies with people completely ignoring the objective on Domination today? 

                                  Two things:


                                  1) This is your first COD title and this is new


                                  2) This is not your first title and you suffered a severe blow to the head and you forgot that people do this ALL THE TIME!

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                                    Playing with a team that helps each other is the way to go. Playing with randoms usually means killwhores that could care less about the objective.A player with a high KDR usually has a low or lower W/L.

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                                      I have often thought, someone should set up a clan of objective players, and then just play against each other. I can't think of any other way to avoid players who ignore them. Yes you can play as in a team, but that doesn't guarantee the enemy will. Some will remember me posting about two of the best games ever, where every single player played the objective. It doesn't happen often enough with random public lobbies.