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    Anyway to get Nuketown 2025?

      Purchased a pre owned copy of the game, and have no code to download the content. Anyone know a way to get it? Possibly buying Season Pass?

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          They have not made it available to the Public yet unless you pre-ordered. I hope they do so soon so we can play it in regular playlists and on HC.

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            Buying the Season Pass will only get you Nuketown Zombies, not Nuketown 2025. At this point, Activision hasn't offered Nuketown 2025 with any package other than with the launch copies of BO2.


            I'm sure Activision will get greedy and offer Nuketown 2025 at some point, but they haven't yet.

            I've seen people on Ebay offer BO2 with NT2025 codes, but never just the code.

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                And you think any of those are actually real ????


                For example never order something from Ebay that is digital download.

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                    Its ok. its not 24/7 anymore. and you can only play it in the moshpit clusterfuck catagory. which never has that many people in it so it laaaaaagggggsssss like crazy.


                    and nuketown pops up, maybe every 10 games if your lucky. your not missing out on anything.


                    I love nuketown. its my favorite. but leave it to treyarch to ruin nuketown and bring back quckscoping.

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                        I play moshpit a lot. Moshpit regularly is #2 or #3 in number of players out the 12 core game types so I am not sure where you got the idea nobody plays it. I have never had any more lag issues with it compared to other game types. I usually set my search preferences to best and immediately get put into a lobby or game.


                        You play it more than 1 out of 10  because everytime it comes up it wins the vote nearly 100% of the time.  Also if you truly just wanted to play nuketown it is pretty easy just to back out of lobbies until you get one that is playing nuketown.

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                    no its only for preorders as an incentive to do so


                    no preorder - no code