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    -LS-(L3gendarySoldier) is an XBOX 360 Clan Recruiting!!

      1st off we are a brand new clan only 3 members strong at the moment. We have been long time friends and act like family. We are only a level 3 clan.




      ***Now this is only temporary and you will be trained, taught, and learn from us. We are not saying we are the best players out there. NO ONE IS "THE BEST"!! So once you accept that you can strive to be better than what you are but knowing that you arent better than anyone else. If you cannot bring you K/D or skill level up to tolerable levels you shall be dismissed from the clan upon a clan meeting where we shall discuss your future with us!


      There is some requirements:


      1) Must have a headset!!!


      2)Must be 15 and over!


      3)Must NOT glitch and/or cheat in any form!!


      4)Must be HIGHLY active!!! (Now what i mean by this is, That you play at least an hour a day!! We understand you have lives, marriages, and so on. However this clan and my goal for this clan is to become one of the many great clans that exits out there currently. We shall be making attempts to go to COD events, Tournaments, and so on. I will be paying for travel expenses and rooms for everyone that attends. The only thing you shall be responsible for is paying for your own food!)


      5)Must have RESPECT for your fellow gamer!!! (What i mean by this is, That you cannot let others get to you when they start trash talking. They start making disrespectful jokes about family or loved ones. I understand its hard but i dont want children, i dont want people who cannot control themselves and lose focus! Sometimes we accept SOME trash talking as a retaliation but overall i want to avoid it.)


      There shall be more rules as we grow and evolve! These rules are also subject to change at any time!


      -LS- is the clan tags we represent and we represent these tags AT ALL TIMES! Never do we remove them or change them in any way unless said to. LS stands for Legendary Soldier cause thats what i want people to remember us being as Legendary players that are on a whole new skill level than anyone else!


      We are currently recruiting for MW3 and BOps2!! We mostly at the moment play MW3 as that in our opinion has been much more fun for us. Also another note you should take in is that we are an objective based clan! Meaning that we only play objective modes. CTF, Domination, Search and Destroy, and Kill Confirmed.


      Now the choice is up to you! Contact me anytime via XBOX my GT is LegendOfAnubis

      Also we do not have a website as of yet but shall keep you updated as i plan on setting one up next week.