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    Hot Damn Rare Matches

      Ever since I downloaded this frickin DLC
      I rarely find a Kill Confirm what the hell what is this ****
      I know what's the issue it's becuase of the DLC duhhh
      They need to include an option that disables the DLC
      Man I wanna play with people in all maps

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          im in same boat as you i used to play KC and Hardpoint all the time now them to games for me is only a few hundred or maybe thousand...have people now just stopped playing the game or something? is that why they pump these games out every year cause people are bord with them in 3 months?

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            Your post is confirmation of what I've expected - they're have been too many issues with this game which has really put people off with regard to purchasing the DLC. I'm afraid the DLC will be a slow sell / no sell and the division of those that have vs those that have not purchased the DLC will hurt matchmaking for those in the minority. I cannot believe they've decided to nix the feature that allows players to disable downloaded maps, that was pretty useful on MW3. I guess I'm glad I've decided not to pick up the DLC - I believe and hope the situation will improve for you guys that have brought it as time rolls on.

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              It will only get worse once people start getting the more cared for developments created by top notch developers. When people realize that this game is boring and dysfunctional. People with Season Passes will bare the brunt of this. Mainly because they are locked in.