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    good idea for black ops 2 dlc.

      the maps would be in electrical areas, like a power plant with a snipers/lmg nest, or a trailer park with a deadly thunderstorm occuring, campers can get killed inside the some trailer home due to lighning strike patterns, an abandonned soviet lab with a room made of copper, a hidden switch can lock the door and enable the test, with will give the player who used the switch a medal called overshock.


      heres ideas for the stuff to be added with it





        :(LMG specific)Copper: gun made of copper with tube(similar to a light bulb), that has electricity running through it.unlocked from getting 5 triple kill medals
        Sapphire: similar to diamond, gold camo with sapphires embeded into it. unlocked by mastering a gun category. example: lmgs(unlock all attachments and all camos for all guns in a specific category)
        Digitalized: the gun would look holographic.

        Tesla Coil: similar to the guardian and sentry, but can only be destroyed with fmj, and can only be placed outside, slows enemies down and kills them in 2 seconds, can not be seen with engineer.
        CLAW: similar to the a.g.r. but a high scorestreak requiring more than the claw.

        Flamethrower- medium damage, medium-short range,burn damage included, quick reloads. attachments, napalm+(FMJ), second gas tank(extended clip), Toxic Gas(grenade launcher), electricity.
        LMG: Low Recoil, Medium Fire rate, High damage, 100 bullet mag(box mag)attachments,all lmg attachments, new electricity rounds exclusive only to this lmg. Game mode:tdm/kill confirmed extended, 1000 kills for one team to win, 45 minutes each round