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    anybody have lmg headshot tips?

      so far i have ar's, smgs, pistols, shottys, and snipers all diamond. i figured i'd start on the lmgs so i can have all the primaries done, and good lord is it hard to get it to register headshots compared to the ar's and smg's. i'm used to rushing and playing aggressively for the most part, and i cant do it effectively with the lmgs.) i would almost rather do the executioner 4 times than use 4 the lmgs for headshots.


      my current strategy is sitting in a head glitch with a target finder trying to aim for heads but its almost like its a total crap shoot, some games i'll get zero, some games i'll get ten. is there any easier technique to get headshots with these things?

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          Aim higher?


          In all seriousness, try burst firing. I've found, at least for myself, that I get headshots when I'm not even aiming for 'em (no pun intended.. maybe).

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              i'll try the burst fire. yeah, i aim for the shoulders/head/neck every kill but its like the odds of them registering are random compared to the ars and smgs. maybe its because i'm so much further away.


              thanks for the tip though. i guess i'll just have to stick it out with my cheese setup.

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              Nope.  You actually have to properly aim for headshots, unlike SMGs where I could fluke them.  I found the TF better for long shots than headshots though.

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                Target Finder.


                Enjoy your Diamond Camo's

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                  Target Finder and Laser Sight. I get more Headshots with that thing on LMGs than anything else.


                  I am avoiding the grip now as well. I find the kick up helps me get headshots.

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                    Spray and Pray.

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                      Use this...


                      Any LMG


                      -Quick Draw

                      -Target Finder


                      Blind Eye

                      Scavenger and Toughness



                      Perk 2 Greed and primary Gunfighter



                      Play a slow-agressive gamestyle and move from one hotspot to another. Use cover wisely and don't run around too much but keep moving. I have Diamond LMGs and those guns are my best weapons. I had a lot of difficulty with the LSAT but just keep on playing and the headshots will come. I averaged 1,700+ kills just to get an LMG to gold but that's just me. I always aim for the center mass.

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                        don't use toughness and just get the cheeky headshot kill when they start shooting you.


                        you can aim for the head, but why do that when the enemy will do it for you.

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                          I was averaging 10 - 15 head shots a game in HC KC with the zoom scope, almost too easy....and NEVER reload lol not needed

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                            i started out using the hamr... but tried the mk for a few games and actually got it gold already. (i had the challenges done before well before i got the 150 perks/attachment kills...this gun is incredible, i had no idea.)  it seems like the hamr and the one that looks exactly like the type 25 (qbb?) are going to give me trouble, ill be saving the lsat for last for sure because it should be easy.


                            ive been running fmj, target finder, and either grip or quickdraw. i may have to resort to the old stock/suppressor and get behind snipers for these two i guess more inaccurate lmgs.

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                              LSAT and MK-48 were so quick and you shouldn't have too much trouble with them, but for the HAMR and QBB LSW you need to actively aim for them, Tactical Insertions and Quickdraw, Suppressor, Toughness are good suggestions that helped me for maps like Hijacked to get up high and pick off free headshots, and make the most of stationary players perhaps not expecting you to come from behind.


                              If all else fails, avoid grip and toughness and just play head on from Medium range. Not as effective for kills vs deaths but will have a huge headshot percentage due to vertical kick when shot.

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                                I use Iron sights with a Grip, and just aim higher than I normally do.

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                                  I understand the frustration. I am a 0.5 KDR player.  It was a long grind getting headshots on my MK48, and then before I started the headshots for the HAMR, I went to youtube and found a guy who suggested playing free-for-all to get headshots with a reflex sight.  It works!  I did it for my HAMR and also for my LSAT.  I only have my QBBLSW remaining to get gold.

                                  Here is my setup:

                                  Lightweight, Cold-Blooded, Toughness, Dexterity perks

                                  Attachments: Reflex sight, quickdraw (or sometimes foregrip), silencer.  You might want to experiment with different reticules on your reflex sight, I use one of the larger reticules, the steve mustache.

                                  You could also try getting rid of Cold-blooded and instead use concussion grenades and stun enemies in free-for-all, but that didn't get me any extra headshots. 


                                  When you are playing FFA, try keeping your gun centered in the screen at all times for ADSing.  When you start shooting, do not move your sights vertically, only horizontally, and this will keep your sights at the headshot level.   This method has helped me average between 3-7 headshots per FFA match. 

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                                    aim high.  pulse fire.  that is all.

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                                      Yep, aim high, bursting fire really helps.


                                      I noticed with my QBB I was getting totally screwed out of headshots about 1 out of 5 times. More than once I literally walked up behind a guy with a silenced QBB, aimed at his dome and killed him and it did not register a headshot.

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                                        finished my hamr last night so mk48 and hamr are done


                                        the qbb is going to be a nightmare though. its the only lmg i never thought was good. at least i'm saving the lsat for last so its not like pulling teeth for my last one.


                                        ive been running with fmj, target finder or reflex, depends on the map, and foregrip or stock. i must say the technique ive been having the best luck with is getting into gun battles with people in headglitches. i'd say about 50% of the time it was a headshot for me


                                        thanks for all the tips though guys. the burst fire is another thing ive noticed works really well.

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                                          Probably not the the most popular but I seemed to get them easily with the variable zoom/stock/foregrip and burst shooting. I love this combo against snipers in HCTDM on Carrier. I can zoom in on the head glitch spots and still have the full auto to take care of closer range stuff from the hip. Its also good to cover the center of Drone from the hillside to take out the snipers on the helipad.

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                                            Target Finder and Silencer in Hardcore, start too high and work your way down slowly.

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                                              use the target finder. Headshots pretty much just get handed to you.


                                              other than that, I would say, aim for the head.