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    The absolute best scorstreak chain IMO.


      I put down a 77-3 KC on slums last night and had a 83-9 KC on hijacked the other night all thanks to the Stealth chopper/escort drone/warthog combo.  It is ridiculous how powerfull and attainable this chain is and I am not a great player.  Once you hit your stealth chopper you are almost guaranteed to get the next two which dam near wraps back to the stealth again.  They almost cannot shoot your stealth down with the other two going unless you are camping away from their spawn.  I know that getting the highest streaks is fun but points wise you can almost get your second stealth by the time you would get your a swarm and you can nearly have all 3 in the score it takes to get that vsat.  Plus if you RnG that escort drone is amazing.  I actually went what seemed like forever without firing my weapon while the points from kills and teammates confirming kills poured in.  It does speak to a different problem with scorestreaks stacking but that is how they made the game so.......


      I know blind eye would cancel two of them out but I guess most players do not equip it.  If you havnt ran this combo you should try it.